Hello fellow farmers 🙂
Poetic*hemistry of Soils ⭍ Soil Chromatography Workshop with Special Guest Oliver Jäggi ⭍ Regenerative Energy Communities Open Lab ⭍
Circular Soil Chromatography is a somewhat poetic way of gleaning information about what's going on in the dirt, using an old-school photographic developing process, and requiring a qualitative analysis method akin to reading tea leaves. We have never done this before, so this will be a DIO / LIT (Do it Ourselves / Learn it Together) summer holiday workshop.
Thankfully we'll have Oliver Jäggi joining us, who also works with big fancy chromatography machines in a chemistry lab that manifests big fancy data, and so we'll be thinking about the tensions around different forms of sensing and analysing our environments too, while the soil-as-photographer manifests nice artworks for us to decode.
Bring a tablespoonful of soil that you would like to analyse or that you think would give interesting results!
More info on and directions to the Open Lab can be found here: regenerative-energy-communitie

MIT press is relaunching the Software Studies book series and I am very excited to work together with other fabolous co-editors Wendy Chun, Jichen Zhu and @nwf.
Check out the press release: mitpress.mit.edu/blog/mit-pres and our thoughts on the new series: computationalculture.net/softw.
Feel free to starting sending proposals our way.

Check out the new manifesto here too: gitlab.com/siusoon/refresh/

'Investigating ' is an event under the project 'Hunting ' by @anglk with contributions from Martina Raponi, Vivien Butot and Alex Zakkas. The discussion will unfold around sound politics and discrimination, cities and citizenship through performative, artistic, critical, activist and scientific investigations and actions.


Saturday, 25th of June

14:30 - 17:00 CET Walk around two 'Mosquito' spots (starting point Leeszaal, Rotterdam West, Rijnhoutplein 3)

17:00 - 19:00 CET Presentations/conversation by Alex Zakkas, Angeliki Diakrousi, Martina Raponi and Vivien Butot (Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, Westersingel 9)


more information: goethe.de/ins/nl/nl/ver.cfm?ev

for online participation, for the second part (after 17:00), message me directly.


Hunting Mosquitos explores urban sound technologies and the social and political implications of their use. Specifically, it examines the 'Mosquito alarm'', a technology used in public places in Rotterdam that emits high-frequency sounds, audible only to young people and experienced as unpleasant, to deter them from loitering in hangouts after complaints by of noise 'disturbing' residents...

more: w-i-t-m.net/2022/hunting-mosqu

A new 🌱 Green Hack 🌿 is published! Please enjoy 'Optimising images for web' by Rekka Bellum ->

🌿 @rek for The Photographers' Gallery's Digital Programme. Since COP26 we've invited photographers and artists to share hacks to lower the environmental impact of their practice.

More Green Hacks here:
thephotographersgallery.org.uk 🌿

Femme and Helen are presenting about bug reporting the apocalypse.

They are Institute for Technology in the Public Interest.

Public organisations are being technically reorganised, including things like healthcare and education. Their operations are moving into the cloud, being managed by large corporations.

This could be different.

How can we debug with love and joy at the centre? They have written love letters to debugging.

Hope is weird. Bug reporting is disenheartening as it focusses on the broken and some will not be fixed.

Bug reporting will not address the horror of cloud computing. Where do you file a bug when the system itself is the problem? Is the idea of repair a trap?

(Queering a gitub timeline. Fighting for space in systems without repricocity.)

Love is more than resistance.

[A story about an elementary school switching to google and her failed attempt to intervene.]

All communities have norms so we cannot be post-normative. New tools create new norms.

Getting our data back will not solve all our problems.

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Don’t forget to take your AMROTimes printed edition at afo & read it with your morning coffee tomorrow !

⬇ Counter Cloud Action Plan

How could a digital practice become more ethical? And what does it mean to say “Digitally Ethical”? NEoN invited The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPi) to "audit" their daily computational operations, with a view to imagine other environmental and socially "just" digital practices, as part of a rethinking of their internal policies and values.


Falling and Floating. A guided tour into Volumetric Regimes

Possible Bodies feat. GOB GOB
29 March, 17:30-20:30
@Theory Stairs, FedLev Building (Rietveld Academy), Amsterdam

+ play session and screening, featuring works by Ráchel Plutón and Elio J Carranza


There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by my self. ~ Brian Andreas

Are the tools you're using working for you? What needs to change?

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... another day in the forest... antenna tests for Radio Mycelium Array(RMA)!

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/micro_research/status/907197264451522560


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