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The computer as symbolic sewer :www_server:

‘Study an information system and neglect its standards, wires, and settings, and you
miss equally essential aspects of aesthetics, justice and change. Perhaps if we stopped
thinking of computers as information highways and began to think of them more
modestly as symbolic sewers, this realm would open up a bit.’

From: Susan Leigh Star, The Ethnography of Infrastructure, 1999.

I spoke to artist Joana Moll about her new piece for the Media Wall at The Photographers' Gallery last week.

We discussed microprocessors, their impact on the environment and the role of artists and the art world in the transition to a less polluting society.

You can read our conversation at Unthinking photography:

Basically liturgical in structure, OREMA uses standard petitions and intercessions stored on magnetic tapes in Latin, Hebrew, and FORTRAN.

Hello world! I'm a creative web developer with an interest in all things inter-networked.

I've made a collection of creative web experiences with Three.js and p5.js, you can check these out on my portfolio website:

I wrote a dissertation on creative uses of DevTools in net art and across the web, based on the view of net art being a participatory performance - more than happy to ping over a copy if you're interested.

Something interesting I saw yesterday was a VR streamer discussing the philiosophy of being a "real person" in VR as opposed to reality. They didn't think there was a difference, they felt that being able to have complete control over your personal expression in VR actually helped portray an authentic self - a closer "melding of consciousness". The streamer then casually walked into a bar where two other streamers were having a conversation about Lain and VR drugs. This scene feels like it's at the forefront of the internet and where it's going.

I'll be posting any observations and insights I find throughout my online travels to this account. Best wishes.

Anyone knows a simple for visual generic diagramming? By that I mean drag'n'drop stuff, not a DOT language or similar. I'd like to move things around myself in the while having persistent connections between nodes.

It's to quickly draft a small studio wiring setup with a patchbay, making inventory of cables missing/etc.

A Small Ecosystem for Living Thoughts

🐡 🐡 🐡

Monday, 11th October
19:30 – 21:30
Leeszaal Rotterdam West
Rijnhoutplein 3, 3014 TZ rotterdam


with Clara Gradel, Floor van Meeuwen, Martin Foucaut, Camilo Garcia, Federico Poni, Nami Kim, Euna Lee, Kendal Beynon, Jacopo Lega and Louisa Teichmann


It’s oh-fish-ial! Students of the Experimental Publishing Master invite you to dive into their small ecosystem of living thoughts. Join us for an evening of conversation, discussion and new view points from inside and outside the net. If you look closely, you might even see some early thesis ideas hatching. Let's leave no rock unturned.

🐡 🐡 🐡

workshop teaching opportunity 

I'm recruiting again for guest online workshop leaders for some (paid) workshops for Babycastles, the art collective/videogame crew/DIY space I work with in NY.

Playlist of past online workshops here:

Topics I'm interested in hosting:

Intro to PD/Pure Data, Intro or Intermediate Twine (or Inform), Intro to Klik n Play, Intro / Intermediate Puzzlescript, Beginner, Intermediate and advanced workshops in Unity or Godot, Hotglue, Love2d,

It’s not DNS
There is no way it’s DNS
It was DNS

How to unbrick a Yamaha A4000 or A5000 sampler.

Writing up this small HOWTO because it's completely undocumented (knowledge seems to have died with Yahoo Groups).

Note to self: next time don't mix up 5v and 12v and then proceed to test dodgy shorted CF cards on a nice device...

Mélenchon VS Zemmour 

Zemmour: "[V]otre Édouard Glissant c'est un Alain Minc Martiniquais"

N'importe quoi...

Glissant est un philosophe qui parle de certains types de métissages imprévisibles qui forment singularités culturelles, alors que Minc est un acteur économique globaliste qui défend l’irréversibilité de la mondialisation et les avantages du libre-échange.

As some may know, I work on historical climate data. Quite often we have to hide the work we do in bigger proposals that solve some practical problems. (I also got funding from general programs.)

So I am really happy that Belgium has a program where the aim is to get the foundation right, rather than to produce something that can be published in Nature.

Only Belgian federal institutions can apply, but I am posting hoping more countries will follow.

Hi all!

My name is David. I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan. I love to make music and I love writing software to make music and art. I typically feed myself by working as a software developer for others but am currently taking some time to focus on other projects. I'm hugely inspired by people making independent art and tools. I love the culture and aesthetic of Algorave but I've never been to one. I have just migrated here from and I'm excited to be on a more art focused instance.

Last week I made a new major release for Converse.

The biggest change is that the UI is now rendered entirely via declarative web components.

I've written a blog post highlighting some of the more notable changes in this release.


I've released a sound diary over the first 8 months with my 53edo musical instrument, the neod:

Woot! Just see now that new beets 1.5.0 got finally released. Amazing CHANGELOG. Looking forward to dive into it.

@microresearch has you covered.

"UNEINS is a oujia, spirit or talking board designed to enable speedy communication and collective coding contact with spirit or deceased programmers; the ghosts in the machine code!"

@cjd @entreprecariat @rra @jplebreton I found this article very informative concerning the market and who is profiting from it:

for me it is quite obvious why NFT and the art market go so well together: they share an obsession with provenance / authenticity, and the generation of value is based on speculation in both cases too. It's a perfect match in economic character, and the talking about the democratization of the art market is a rationalization, that cannot hold its promises, as the numbers show.

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