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Tonight at 20:15 @disnovation, Santiago Zabala and myself will talk about "Narratives of Emergency" at . You can watch the stream here

I will discuss the ins and outs of

You can ask questions via or join the conference room's chat (but I'm not sure where/how the link is shared) @servus?

😍 Excellent work by Artemis Gryllaki and Rita Graca featured at :

Voice of Conduct is a collection of vocal exercises that explore the frustrations, emotions and tensions behind Codes of Conduct.

Currently up and running in the echo chamber!



"Radio Implicancies is a weekly broadcast of recorded and live matter brought to you by Piet Zwart Institute's Experimental Publishing programme.

In our second episode of the series we continue to experiment with technologies of worlding, methods of story-telling, and encounters of implicancies."

only a few hours left before the opening of #amro20 very much looking forward to it! see you there!


Still looking for voice contributions!
For the upcoming NL_CL #2 concert: FLESH, I am asking for contributions of small voice recordings ~ to contribute please visit the website and record a little bit of yourself using the web interface!

The interface will be part of the performance 'Radio-active Monstrosities' : with the possibility of a future online composition.

@cblgh @entreprecariat Nice!

I also tried to make a poster. I'm still not 100% happy with it but maybe I'll see if I can finish it up tomorrow and get a few Risograph copies made:

I'm pleased to announce I'll be holding a bootleg library session as part of the 2020 iteration of Art Meets Radical Openness, a festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture.

My session, *Notes on Texts*, will be focused on experiments with annotating the collection. We'll meet online in a web conference, in the digital bootleg library, and in a realtime collaborative text-editing environment. We'll explore how being together in- and out of sync and the mediums and techniques we use will shape the texts we share.

Hope to see you there :)

More info via the link:

πŸ“» We Hope This Email Finds You Well is being streamed at p-node today πŸ“»

4pm CEST

@p_p @anglk @estragon @RyBn

, the messenger now supports Audio/Video calls. so we've written a new article on the on how to set up server-side support:

do you know any interesting papers or research notes on Mastodon? so far for my paper i'm sourcing

'Mastodon Content Warnings'


'Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case'

@cblgh @neauoire @tomasteck

There is not terribly much written specifically on the Fediverse and Mastodon yet. 'Building a Better Twitter' by @robertwgehl looks in detail into quitter & gnu social. 'The Case for Alternative Social Media' is probably also useful. He might have other refs as well?

I've co-authored this with @320x200:

Do note that the content warning paper has serious shortcomings, the authors didn't take in to account the rich and diverse uses of CW at all and also released a large dataset of posts that have not been properly anonymized prior to publication. More info:

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