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"Pourquoi se mobiliser en tant que travailleur·euses de l’art ?

En attaquant les droits sociaux les plus avancés (ceux des fonctionnaires et des salarié·es du privé), cette réforme va parachever une politique libérale qui tire tout le monde vers le bas. Nous avons les mêmes intérêts que ces travailleur·euses qui, dans les différents secteurs de la société, vont se mobiliser pour défendre des droits remis en cause au nom d’une idéologie qui confond intentionnellement libéralisme économique et liberté individuelle. Pour des raisons historiques, les artistes sont hélas à l’avant-garde de l’absence de protection sociale et, au nom de leur passion ou de leur engagement, voient ainsi la plupart de leurs activités être non reconnues comme du travail. C’est pourquoi notre lutte pour faire reconnaître nos activités comme productrices de valeur économique peut être profitable à tou·tes et permettrait de combattre cette idéologie qui tente de nous faire croire que l’absence de protection sociale favorise la « liberté », la « créativité » ou « l’autonomie »."

is basically western societies ddos'ing themselves at both human and infrastructural level for fun and profit.

@neauoire I just read 'History and Future of FLOSS' by @audrey and the non-discriminatory nature of FLOSS is most certainly part of it:

@320x200 and I also have a forthcoming text that goes into this, specifically in relation to fedi

Ah..., the official website for handling administrative tasks in France (like ID card renewal, housing subventions, etc) is making use of 's ...

Article intéressant sur la lutte des étudiant.e.s de l'Ensci,n6522757.php

Partagé quant à sa conclusion. Je pense que l'état a une vision très claire du design comme devant être au service des besoins de l'industrie, devant être rentable, d'où la nomination de profils gestionnaires à la tête des écoles.

De fait, dans la situation actuelle, le design ne peut se faire que contre l'état. Mais pour ça il faut renouer avec une approche conflictuelle.

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User, by Joana Moll

"The Hidden Life of an User reveals the hidden economic and environmental costs offloaded to, and unwittingly paid for, by the end-user. The Hidden Life of an Amazon User confronts us with the environmental footprint instigated by purchasing a book on 87.33Mb of data is activated to navigate through 12 different interfaces—1307 different requests totaling 8724 pages of printed code—all used for continuously tracking customer behavior to amplify the monetization of the end-user and increase business revenues. To put it bluntly, the user is not just exploited by means of their free labor but is also forced to assume the energy costs of such exploitation.

The project includes three commissioned texts by Jussi Parikka, Jara Rocha and Christian Ulrik Andersen & Søren Bro Pold, available on the website of the project."

From this 1953 campaign paid for by the disposable packaging industry to today, I will give an overview of several flavours of greenwashing with a special focus on ICT, and of course a ton of counterstrategies! Today at 18:00, Kunstuniversität Linz. vaping-networks.radical-openne

“ is a free, simple, and anonymous audio hosting service, built to fill the space between Tumblr and SoundCloud and to provide a similar experience to Pastebin. “

We stand in solidarity with Kick Out Zwarte Piet and the anti-racism movement. Because there is no #climatejustice without #racialjustice. Read our statement and please speak out as well - together we fight for a just, inclusive system for everyone!


Day 2 started 🍿

"Impeachment Hearing with Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

On the second day of open testimony in the impeachment inquiry, the House Intelligence Committee heard from former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch."

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On Saturday 23rd November, in , , I'll be leading a on in the language using . Note that clive does not work on Windows or Mac.

clive is a C audio live-coding skeleton. It allows you to processing callbacks, providing not much more than automatic C recompilation, object code reloading, and state preservation.

The workshop will work on dependencies installation, basics of sysadmining and git, CLI, define DSP and examples similar to clive, sound synthesis and feedback, shaping sounds and a live performance preparation.

The workshop is conducted in English language.

To participate, you need to bring your own (GNU/Linux OS) laptop, and (optional) headphones.

Applications (open until Nov 20th 23:59CET): email hello at

students protest in France, suicide note, #LaPrecariteTue 

In the past days there has been increasing student protests following the attempt of a student to set himself on fire (at time of writing state is 90% burnt, intensive care). The event is hardly visible in foreign media, so here is a rough translation of the letter/post he left.

Note: The relevant hashtag for fedi and birdsite is ()

(this is a rewrite from an earlier post, now behind a CW, as kindly suggested by someone)

"The House Intelligence Committee held its first open hearing of the inquiry against President . Lawmakers heard testimony from William Taylor, Acting U.S. Ambassador to and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent."

starts now

Exiting the EU is still easier than exiting Vim
boost for visibility please :blobheart:

if sunshine gardens were to start offering hosting services would you be interested?

first region would be in Utah with planned expansion to PNW and elsewhere as needed.


triton currently only supports intel chips for virtualization, but if this takes off i'd be more than happy to do the work to make smartos work on AMD, POWER, or ARM systems.
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