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Since a lot has happened lately, it could be a good time to re-do an / .

As a political sociologist I work with text, digital methods & film on matters of , & , from a critical perspective.

I currently run the project @securityvision on the politics of computer vision with amazing media artists/designers/visual anthropologists: Ruben van de Ven (@r), Cyan Bae, Ildikó Plájás & Elka Smith.

At Leiden University I'm trying to promote research through making (, , & other methods) at @recntr, together with Mark Westmoreland and Julian Ross.

I geek out on photo & cinema & as well as and , although more from the outside. Working on my first "hello world" in

I'm likely to post on

Anyone knows a farsi/persian-to-english command line tool, or service with an API without too many restrictions?

🌱 call for papers - repairing design: damage, care, and fragility 🪡 

"Repairing all kinds of objects, infrastructures, devices, and services involves coming face to face with tensions, failures, wear, breakage, and the passing of time that runs through all matter. Repairing also implies confronting the harmful consequences of past design decisions, the 'after' time, from a position that was historically invisible but has recently been recognized as both creative and innovative."

"[...] with this call for papers we propose to consider repairing as a heuristic from which to interrogate the semiotic-material production of the world"

submissions (english or spanish) due 6th march 2023 👇🏼

So there's enough stuff for 5 thematically sorted bingo boards! :)
Will first work on one related to the topic of productivity, for the Sunday pres at zinecamp, and will go through the others slowly but surely afterwards. Will also update if anyone adds to the thread!

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Brussels, 23 ➔ 25/11

"Public moments in a week-long collective residency full of experiments, encounters and artistic interferences with the city’s technological zones of inclusion and exclusion."

Hey all! I am a self described -er (see bio for link), , , recovering and internet old person.

I write, teach, lecture about and build things (software mostly, hardware sometimes) that overlap technology and culture, and and . I am currently senior systems for . I am occasionally (and professionally) a fox on the internet ( subcultures will save what’s left of us)

Most recently I am working on and software for and beyond, a locative project about the history of , and and image-making, especially in VR.

Interested in: , , and

This has turned into an epic thread!

had to 🥲 quite a few times

Thanks so much everyone! Also got a few extras via other channels.

Basically there is now enough for two bingo cards: one for people having to rely on crappy everyday computer tech but not necessarily aware of specific software/hardware jargon and practices, and one for those who are more familiar with their inner workings.

We can use the first bingo, as planned, as a device to start discussions around non obvious concepts/patterns, and we can use the second one for group therapies :thinknyan:

We will put the two on the wiki and in this thread.

If you have more, do not hesitate to keep adding, we will make more grids or make room for more entries if needed!

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@chaime @320x200 Hi thanks for asking! For donations we recommend or alternatively

As for helping out, I think being a pleasant presence in the community and helping newcomers out are the ways to go for now! Also have a look at:

Help us and contribute to a CRAPPY EVERYDAY COMPUTER TECH BINGO!

For a short talk at zinecamp this sunday in Rotterdam/NL, we will be doing a small bingo about all the everyday situations created by inaccessible, incompatible, inefficient, rigid, failing, extractivist, environmentally disastrous crappy computer tech.

We do that to address several topics to a broader audience who may not be familiar with notions of vendor lock-in, proprietary standards, software bloat, cornucopianism, siliconization, planned obsolescence, software rot, maximalism, etc, and *yet* are suffering, like everyone else, from all this stuff on a daily basis.

Do you have ideas for silly situations and painful feels? We will make a final version this coming Saturday as well as credit contributors, and point to the post's URL. Of course we will also post the final bingo board here as well :)

(and on the permacomputing wiki of course


:boost_requested: boosts are very very very much appreciated!

Varia invites you to its
5-year anniVariassary!!

:nes_fire: 👾 🎊 :nes_fire: 🎊:nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: 👾 👾

Friday, 4 November 2022
19:00 (CET) onwards
at (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam) + online (link to be shared soon)

After 5 years looking into and outside everyday technology, we want to come together in different modes to celebrate this occasion. On Friday 4 November at 7pm CET, join us for an online server party and/or in real life inside Varia's space.

Music from DJ Mercenary Force, JustSimon and experimental happening — in virtual and physical realms — there will be drinks, there will be food, there will be streaming, there will be celebration!


[help needed] I'm writing a sort of fictional guide for cultural producers who invite artists and researchers to give a talk, a lecture or a workshop. The idea is to highlight all those annoying habits which I think we should avoid when inviting someone. An example:

- You won't be sneaky and insert an extra task *after* the Invited Guest has accepted the invitation.

What are the habits that you think should be avoided when inviting a guest?

It's not much, I know, but I'll do my best to credit all the people who will help me with this.

Thank you!


Last year we participated in an event about social media alternatives and we wrote about the value of fediverse for cultural practitioners through a series of posts on the fediverse. Perhaps valuable for folks?

You can find them here as text

or here in the archive:

self-promotion, sorry 

i'll be appearing on the LightTwist Show tomorrow to talk about my work at the @mediaarchaeologylab - they broadcast it live on their twitch, starts at 9:30 mountain time in the US and then it'll be posted on their youtube on friday.

if you're curious about the lab it should be reasonably interesting!

Almost 3 years ago, @estragon, and I worked on a poster which attempted to map the Fediverse. As many of you are joining us for the first time, here is a 3rd anniversary commemorative post in case you would like to know more about the context of this and similar projects.

You can find a full version of the poster here:

New essay: Seven theses on the Fediverse and the becoming of FLOSS

Recently, @rra and I have been working on an essay highlighting questions about the and how these are getting entangled with practices. From software production to structure and governance within alternative social media, online communities and politics.

The text follows a multi theses model, to map the different things we've been looking at and publish the current state of our research.

It is the closing chapter of a new publication from INC/Transmediale (

PDF of the text:

Feedback welcome. We're planning to publish an online version with more references!


Considering that many of you are new to, or have returned after a long time, here is a primer on our netiquette (aka the 1010 commandments :unacceptable: ):

0000) As we understand to be a community of communities, we have a ToS / CoC which you are expected to read, respect and uphold ( This covers how we talk to one another.

Because Mastodon is also understood by some people as a drop-in alternative to Twitter, such people will default to the same behaviour here as they had on any other mainstream commercial social media. For others though, including us, it is an opportunity for cultural workers to test and/or rethink what social media could be beyond a tool for posting mindless promotion.

So, while we welcome and understand that passively announcing new works/projects/lectures/etc is an important aspect of our activities, it should not be your primary activity here. Honestly, if you are truly looking for a Twitter-like stage from which you can grow an audience, then using a generic Mastodon instance is much more suited and you will be able to follow people here as well!

Call for participation: Toward a Minor Tech

PhD/Research workshop: call for participation

Deadline for submissions: 11 Nov
Workshop at London South Bank University and King’s College, London: 18-20 Jan 2023
Presentation at transmediale festival 2023, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 1-5 February 2023

//we need to “notice” the small details and not assume that these need to be scaled up to be effective. In technical fields, there is a similar problem with scale, as Big Tech dominates, with ensuing environmental damage; big computing begets big data. In contrast, what we are referring to as minor tech, like small tech, operates at human scale (more peer to peer than server-client). “Small technology, smallnet and smolnet are associated with communities using alternative network infrastructures, delinking from the commercial Internet.” (Damaged Earth Catalogue,


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