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How does one map and visualise the complex arrangements of computer vision technologies used in the field of security in a collaborative setting where the research participants come from different scholarly traditions?

Very happy to announce this first collaborative article by Ildikó Plájás, @francesco Ragazzi & Ruben van de Ven. Thanks to Cristina Grasseni & Federico de Musso for including us in this wonderful Anthrovision special issue! , , , , , , , ,

I'm doing an invited talk at the psychology of programming annual workshop 6th Sept

*Live coding and the 'what-if' paradigm*
Live coding is an 'end-user programming' community of musicians and other performing artists, which has developed rather separately from the world of software engineering over the past 20 years. As a result, it has some peculiarities. In particular, improvisation is strongly promoted across the community, supported through technological developments such as pure functional reactive programming, in-code visualisation, and algorithmic approaches to pattern-making informed by heritage practices. Through this talk, I'll try to argue that this improvisatory approach offers a third paradigm in programming, combining the 'what' of declarative programming, and the 'how' of imperative programming, to offer an alternative: 'what if?' I'll try to sketch out the difference, why it's needed, and how we might support its development. In the end, the question is how such a formal, explicit approach to notation as computer programming can help us explore what we know, but can't explain.

Two opportunities at Malmö University in Sweden. One in Media & Communication and one in Interaction Design

Great opportunity to develop your own research project in a interdisciplinary environment with good working conditions!

I'm also in this program (Interaction Design) so feel free to ask me questions!

Hello hello!

So, first an

I'm Camilo, a visual artist and designer from Bogotá living in Rotterdam. Usually getting lost while learning and making. Drawing is my first impulse when thinking and very often I find myself making connections between things.

These days I´m one half of 'attempt', an intuitive and independent publishing project for written and visual language, and also I'm co-organizing Zine Camp Festival in Rotterdam, a free festival for making zines and sharing small publications.

Happy to be here to start sharing and circulating more processes! 🌱

🌲 Hello Fediverse! 🌲

I'm Flynn / Meryl, I live in Scotland and I:
◦ make (photography, drawings, web dev, zines...)
◦ learn (design, IT, sustainability, social sciences...)
◦ exist (by growing plants, cooking, feeling queer, listening to music...)

All three interconnected, and generously sprinkled with sleep.

I am quite passionate about degrowth and low-tech, animals, and tea. Nice to meet you!

Microsoft Teams rant as a project 

Given the sacrosanct Microsoft Teams rants I've read in the timeline, I thought to share this recent lil project of mine which is called "A CV of Microwork" and commissioned by Art Goss, full of Teams cameos :)

"Set up multiple alarms, scan a QR code, wait for someone to join the call, fill availabilities for a meeting, retrieve and/or change passwords, agree to barely-read terms of service, solve a bunch of captchas, type emails in your mind, forget to send them… A pulverulence of microactivities and minipassivities ends up eating a substantial portion of your day. The “hyperemployed” (I. Bogost) incessantly relive the trauma of “the death of the secretary” (M. Gregg), whereas living secretaries do this tiny digital work for themselves and others. The paperwork explosion of the ’60s, which computers were supposed to end, has become a collision of digital microinteractions – a microwork explosion. In this CV of microwork, the life experience of the traditional résumé coincides with user experience."

We visited the InfoAge Museum in New Jersey over the weekend, including the Vintage Computer Federation on-site. Pictured here is Lee Felsenstein's Sol-20 Computer, signed, the first all-in-one-personal home computer. Lee talked about the Sol-20 and his work in episode 4 of the podcast.

First photo:
Sol-20 computer

Second photo:
Altair-8800 computer with added on "modern" punchtape input/output

Third photo:
Early "Core memory" with wires and beads

My partner and I are supposed to move to Ireland, from the USA, in a month. Still haven't found any housing. Gah!

Anyone know anyone who may be able to help us out? We're both artists/academics, and my partner has a job already at UCD in Dublin. We just need a place to land, even if its temporary. House sitting, apartment, house rental, private rooms, we're open to anything within 1 hour commute to Dublin via public transit.

If you know anyone who could help we would greatly appreciate it! We're almost in despair-mode 😅

I don't have a lot of followers on here, but feel free to boost this post if you're comfortable doing that!

A new 🌱 Green Hack 🌿 is published! Please enjoy 'Optimising images for web' by Rekka Bellum ->

🌿 @rek for The Photographers' Gallery's Digital Programme. Since COP26 we've invited photographers and artists to share hacks to lower the environmental impact of their practice.

More Green Hacks here: 🌿

Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds is NOW LIVE

100% of the proceeds from this bundle will go to the National Network for Abortion Fund's Collective Power Fund, which moves money directly to abortion funds across 20+ U.S. states, with a particular focus on the South and Midwest.

The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds includes almost 800 works by over 600 developers, writers, artists, and creators, and you can pick it up until July 13th here;

So, since Z-lib doesn't allow mirroring, someone decided to mirror it anywat. 7 (seven) Tb of books, people.

"Introducing the Pirate Library Mirror: Preserving 7TB of books (that are not in Libgen)"

Hi all! 🌊 Recently moved to @dcwalk from so doing a here.

I am a researcher and designer interested in how to build lasting and transformational alternatives to existing infrastructures, in the past this has included data stewardship, networks, and movement organizing. Now I am focused on the practices and language of low carbon networking.

Currently packing up my life and moving across the country, hoping to camp and spend some time offline along the way ⛺

📆 I'll be at NordiCHI in October this year running a curating/fermenting data workshop with brilliant colleagues Magda Tyżlik-Carver and @lukasfx. If you're planning to go to the conf. or know people interested in going, please check out our CFP just fresh off the press & spread the word:


🥬 We'll be curating data collaboratively, thinking about making data collection & data structuring practices more visible, and *importantly* using fermentation processes literally and metaphorically to guide our workflows.


", /ˈkɪti ˈkɔti/ sometimes spelled as Keti Koti (Sranantongo: 'the chain is cut' or "the chain is broken"), or officially Dag der Vrijheden (Dutch: Day of the Freedoms) is an annual celebration on 1 July that marks Emancipation Day in . The day is also known as Manspasi Dei or Prisiri Manspasi, meaning 'Emancipation' or 'Emancipation Festival' or Kettingsnijden (Dutch: chain cutting)."

:amiga: MODS MODS MODS :amiga:

Here's a random shuffle through some ProTracker modules. Streamed from an Amiga for absolutely authentic Paula chipset and DAC feels :amigacheck:


Might crash, might loop too long, but will skip/restart if needed :)

help pixel pay for college :boost_requested: 

hello friends

I just got my final bill for my last year of college. $17,200. I only get about $2,000 in loans. That still leaves $15,200.

I currently live with my transphobic parents and cannot sustain living here after school. I've paid for all of my schooling through working up to five jobs at a time up to now, but with each year that passes by, the school has been rolling back my financial aid and it has been very difficult to keep up. I'm still living on a meal a day.

If you'd be willing to toss coin to a neurodivergent, queer, trans, east/southeast asian person, my handles are below.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far.

Inventory time. We're resuming work on the limited edition. Going through all the parts to recycle that we've been gathering.

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Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.

All info on the submission page (heads up, google forms):

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