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Pour l’éducation : Les solutions conformes à la protection des données sont l’avenir, pas Microsoft

Traduction d'un article de @kuketzblog sur des solutions et expériences d'IT libres et éthiques dans l'enseignement :

Part-time professorship at Berlin University of Arts for Composition/ Head of Studio for Electroacoustic Music available for next year. Applications until 29 June 2022. :drake_like:

Announcing a hub in Rotterdam and Leiden on June 21-22, co-hosted by and d12n, our research cluster at Leiden University. Join us!

@crickxson Thanks for sharing! Max Liboiron's Pollution is Colonialism unpacks this story in amazing detail too.

They start their introduction with this industry quote:

"The future of plastics is in the trash can... It [is] time for the plastics industry to stop thinking about 'reuse' packages and concentrate on single use. For the package that is used once and thrown away, like a tin can or a paper carton, represents not a oneshot market for a few thousand units, but an everyday recurring market measured by the billions of units." (Stouffer, "Plastics Packaging", 1963)

Slap a solar panel on it is the new slap a blockchain on it

Le collectif Ibiza a décidé de pourrir la campagne de Blanquer dans le Loiret. Ils sont très efficaces et très drôles aussi. Mais, à la lecture de ce faux tract, on est aussi pris de vertiges, tant de destructions, tant à réparer et réinventer

would anyone like to join an experimental webring? It's called nightwalk and only appears Midnight - 3am for night surfing? details at 🌑

Modding Fridays is an online community of people interested to learn together about the maintenance, repurposing, and reappropriation of supposedly obsolete consumer electronics, for fun and profit. We see our interest as part of a broader conversation on post-digital culture, #permacomputing and repair culture.

opportunity in academy

boosts appreciated! :boost_requested:

tutor in commercial practices at WdKA, art academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The job description is quite generic, but here is a list of relevant topics/subjects that are relevant to this position:

-art and design practices in relation to degrowth and collapsology
- system thinking and ecological economics applied to art and design practices
- alternative (micro)economic systems/models in art/design/publishing
- collaboration, cooperation and collective practices within microenterprise and coop
- (post-)free and open source software, hardware, and licensing
- resilient and less extractive computer technology and networked infrastructure
- creative design with extreme material, carbon and energy constraints
- collective care, work and labour ethics in the creative industries
- transition, circularity and beyond, gambiarra and repair culture (engagement and critique)
- multi-, trans-, and cross-disciplinary projects beyond the cultural sector

Studio + accommodation + 1000€

"The Studio in Residence 'Year of Climate Care' is a collaborative call for artists from NASUTI festival Slovakia and the Impact Academy (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in Austria. We are looking for one emerging international Artist or Artistic Researcher who targets in their work or research the climate care objectives and who also reflects this year’s festival theme of WILDERNESS."

Hello! I am a scientist and parent looking to chat with folks about the future — the scary parts and also the hopeful parts. I'm interested in , the small internet, and doing more with less. I've been writing at and more recently sharing stuff at

Living in the #Netherlands?

Sign this #petition to the #Dutch Government with a plea for fair #education in the classroom and to keep children away from #privacy-infringing #SurveillanceCapitalism platforms they (and their teachers) are forced to use.

We are hiring a postdoc (2 years) on digital activism as part of SHAPE - Shaping Digital Democracy, questioning the normalisation of digital technology and imagining better or more inclusive futures. The person will work closely with me and Christian Ulrik Andersen. More: (get in touch if you are interested)
//Whether corporate or state-controlled, the digitisation of the citizen often gives rise to opposition, critique and search for alternatives beyond a focus on maximising profits or immediate convenience. Digital activism is here understood as software and network-related practices that address mass digitisation itself, including power asymmetries, societal issues and social injustices in a broad sense (rather than the use of digital media as a means for activism or participation in social movements). Eg include when citizens choose non-commercial Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), encrypted search engines, or self-hosted servers and applications; when they develop new tools and services that draw attention to or circumvent mass digitisation; or simply when they choose to opt out. A distinctive feature of a sustainable democracy is its ability to accommodate such activism that questions the normalisation of digital technology and imagines better or more inclusive futures. //

NEXT WEEK! Talk by Neal White: The Deep Field / Art and the Ecological Imaginary | 13 May 2022 | 15:00-17:00 | Leiden University, The Hague (NL) [RSVP]

"Appel à candidatures « Les solutions low-tech au service de la sobriété territoriale »

Une expérimentation low-tech est lancée sur le territoire de Concarneau Cornouaille Agglomération.

L’objectif est d’expérimenter de nouveaux fonctionnements d’organisations et de développement des low-tech à l’échelle d’un territoire.
L’accompagnement est réalisé par l’association Low-tech Lab et un bureau d’étude spécialisé dans la coopération et l’intelligence collective.
Le financement de l’accompagnement n’est pas à la charge des candidats."

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