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The Matrix series, maybe spoilers 

(Re)watched everything, for research obviously.

The Matrix is a cult classic pop-philo John Woo inspired music video about hyperreality through the lens of a cyberpunk adjacent dystopia.

The Matrix Reloaded is a rather painful attempt to make a sci-fi themed James Bond/Mission Impossible blockbuster.

The Animatrix is a hit or miss use of the matrix lore and famed anime directors and animators to make a Robot Carnival/Memories/etc kind of anthology.

The Matrix Revolutions is a mess of Terminatoresque Eisenstein/Kurosawa CG and post-prod epic battle with evil robots/AI/code.

The Matrix Resurrections is a swan song/post-scriptum for/from the gen-x/xennials in the form of a meta/ironic sci-fi romantic comedy.

At long last the special issue of AI & Society (Ways of Machine Seeing) has been published,
AI & SOCIETY | Volume 36, issue 4
Incl. our intro (Mitra Azar, Geoff Cox, Leo Impett) and contributors by Benjamin Bratton, Claudio Celis Bueno & María Jesús Schultz Abarca, Iain Emsley, Daniel Chávez Heras & Tobias Blanke, Nicolas Malevé, Lev Manovich, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Perle Møhl, Fabian Offert & Peter Bell, Trevor Paglen & Kate Crawford, Jussi Parikka & Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Luciana Parisi, Matteo Pasquinellli & Vladan Joler, Gabriel Pereira & Bruno Moreschi, Carloalberto Treccani, Rebecca Uliasz, Manuel van der Veen. +

Pre-holiday annonce: In January, I'll co-convene the second in a series of online panel discussions on experimental publishing w/ The Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing at Reading University.

The focus will be on archival initiatives w/ contributions by @simoon on the Bootleg Library; Ami Clarke on the Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing; and Mindy Seu on her brilliant Cyberfeminist Index project.

Registration is free & open:

Info on the inaugural event earlier this year here:

"Roblox Pressured Us to Delete Our Video. So We Dug Deeper"

Digital dumpster fire, the video.

Special Issue 16 🍸🤿 🧣


online/offline (wat?) event at , , , , , , ,

Friday 17.12 13:00-17:00


An APIesque publication and event by Gersande Schellinx, Mitsa (Dimitra Chaida), Erica Gargaglione, Kamo (Francesco Luzzana), Chaeyoung Kim, Emma Prato, Myriam Schöb, Supisara Burapachaisri, Jian Haake, Ål Nik (Alexandra Nikolova), Kimberley Cosmilla, Carmen Gray in collaboration with experimental Publishing (XPUB) staff and Varia.

Spread the Call

The Feminist Hacker Assembly from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world takes place at #rc3 2021 online. The glue is /etc, Eclectic Tech Carnival, running since 2002. Contributions: managed #servers ( and, #fanzines, #books, #radio, #codes, #games

For proposals/submission: 📧 call AT eclectictechcarnival org (first schedule draft 18/12)

#LibertésPubliques | La justice britannique ouvre la voie à l’extradition de Julian Assange vers les États-Unis 👉 Par @JeromeHourdeaux

Vendredi, la Haute Cour a balayé, en appel, le jugement de première instance qui avait rejeté la demande d’extradition du fondateur de #WikiLeaks vers les États-Unis. Elle estime que la justice américaine a donné des garanties suffisantes quant à ses conditions de détention.

Special Issue 16 🍸🤿 🧣


online/offline (wat?) event at , , , , , , ,

Friday 17.12 13:00-17:00


An APIesque publication and event by Gersande Schellinx, Mitsa (Dimitra Chaida), Erica Gargaglione, Kamo (Francesco Luzzana), Chaeyoung Kim, Emma Prato, Myriam Schöb, Supisara Burapachaisri, Jian Haake, Ål Nik (Alexandra Nikolova), Kimberley Cosmilla, Carmen Gray in collaboration with experimental Publishing (XPUB) staff and Varia.

Next week we will celebrate the (online) launch of 📗 🖥️ Vernaculars come to matter 🖥️📗, a publication around forms of vernacular languaging, software culture, and textual archives.

We are super proud to publish the work of 5 co-conspirators in which the vernacular appears at 💥 eye level in the reverse diasporic circulation of Dutch-Turkish street typography (Cengiz Mengüç); 💥 in the attitude of photo editing software such as ImageMagick, manifested as software culture (@automatist); 💥 as a way of doing, living, and working in the Philippines, appearing as the non-standard-English voice (Clara Balaguer); 💥 as a way to navigate the archive of MayDay Rooms, where historial ephemera require a very particular attention (Rosemary Grennan); 💥 or as a continuous struggle with bureaucratic rigidity while transitioning gender or name (Ren Loren Britton).

The publication is co-edited by @ccl, @jules, @manetta and published in a printed and digital form by everyday-technology-press, a new publishing initiative of .

Join the celebration on Friday 17 December between 19:00 and 20:30 (CET) at, the contributors will be present to introduce their work!

Protest in Leiden University on 7 December 13:00-14:00 Lipsius Building (Leiden) against mass surveillance (not in Wijnhaven that day as I previously wrote). For more info on what's going on:

Tonight at 19:00: the first of the conversation series 'On the Edge – Conversations on Sustainability in Art, Design and Media.' at Merz Akademie (DE) and online. :c_tv:

I will give a talk on edge computing and sustainable ICT, Laura Marks will discuss her research of the carbon footprint of streaming media and the Small File Festival.

Dec7: Sean Cubitt and Technopolice_fr

Dec14 Eric Golo Stone and @entreprecariat :drake_like:

Stuttgart and online, 19:00 CET

🐠 AQUARIUM 2.0 🦐
A Small Ecosystem for Living Thoughts

De Buitenboel, Rotterdam, NL

with Clara Gradel, Floor van Meeuwen, Martin Foucaut, Camilo Garcia, Federico Poni, Nami Kim, Euna Lee, Kendal Beynon, Jacopo Lega and Louisa Teichmann

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Where's my junkster cyber dystopia and its opamp vending machines at the corner of each streets when I need it?

exhibition opening tonight!

Friday 26th November 2021 7pm

73 Tontine St
CT20 1JR,
United Kingdom

computer-based works by me
curated by @netzzz

I’m happy to announce the Drowning in Æther - Signal hunting bike rides.
The during the month of December I invite you to join me on a trip through the radio spectrum. We are going to hunt for as well as make audible signals of ghost satellites and satellite radio pirates hijacking abandoned military satellites. For the last couple of weeks, I have been assembling a mobile listening station, a cargo bike with a sound system, my antennas, and all the necessary equipment to hunt for satellite signals. During these collaborative bike rides, we try to sync up with the circadian rhythms of the satellites and explore the urban environment of Rotterdam to find the perfect spot to capture their radio signals.
Due to the current Covid situation, I’m planning multiple rides with small groups. The bikes will not only bring us to our listening spots but also help us to keep a healthy distance. So far, I scheduled the 4. & 5. of December as well as the 11. & 12. of December, but other spontaneous group rides during the month could be planned by contacting me.
If you are interested and want to receive updates, please sign up to the Drowning in Æther mailing list via this link:

For more information about my research please visit:


I'm wondering if the GPU shortage is going to create an incentive to rethink graphics hardware and software (and... glob forbid.. optimize things). For instance it feels like projects like AMD FSR or to some extent Nvidia DLSS, are pointing towards new directions that deviate from the usual moar-core-is-moar-is-good approach that's been dominating until now.

Thoughts or insights?

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