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Un mercredi sur deux, recevez la lettre Ecologie de Mediapart

Mediapart a décidé de lancer une lettre quinzomadaire pour raconter les blocages en matière d’écologie. Mais aussi nos rencontres avec toutes celles et ceux qui empêchent de tourner en rond, des rendez-vous à ne pas manquer, et nos idées de lectures. *accès libre*

@neauoire @calcifer @jrc03c There were two threads discussing terminology, one started by calcifer and a follow-up by me. Both very rich in useful concepts and discussion :) They are the source of my LIMITS paper, which celebrates a few of these terms (and lists all of them for reference).

Some links:
The initial thread by calcifer:

The follow-up one by me:

The paper:

I'm not arguing for one term to take the lead, but wish for all these terms to be meaningful by being practised, differently in diverse contexts, inform new practices, cross pollinate, to circulate widely :)

a project I've been working on is going live this evening- 7pm BST. It's a p2p exhibition featuring new commissions from 12 amazing artists.
It's accessed over hyper:// and for the start this evening each of the artists is going to be the single host of one of the other artists works. You navigate around the works like a web ring moving between the different hosts. It has been a really joyful project, exploring a different protocol with a wonderful group of artists and orgs. Would love to know what fellow LURKers make of it if you get a chance to visit.

Now You See It

Anti-surveillance makeup is an individualistic fashion statement masquerading as effectual tech resistance

Os Keyes

#LibertésPubliques | Extradition d’Assange: les États-Unis tentent d’amadouer les juges 👉 Par @JeromeHourdeaux

En ouverture mercredi du procès en appel du fondateur de «#WikiLeaks», menacé d’extradition, le département de la justice américain a présenté une séries d’«assurances» sur son incarcération. En cas de condamnation, il pourrait demander à effectuer sa peine en Australie, son pays d’origine.

Read & Repair feat. @jules

Sunday, 31.10.2021
11:00-13:00 CEST

During this session we will dive into a recent paper by Abeba Birhane entitled Algorithmic injustice: a relational ethics approach. Abeba has recently completed a PhD in cognitive sciences and her research sits at the intersection of complex adaptive systems, machine learning, and critical race studies. The paper investigates ways to address algorithmic injustice that go way beyond efforts to build more inclusive/representative, and “debiased” datasets.

Poster by @p_p


Broadcasting 3days before the extradition appeal of Assange in London "We Steal Secrets", a 2013 documentary deceptive even in its title, entirely aimed at criminalizing the journalistic activities of WikiLeaks.

🥊 ON THE OTHER SIDE: The Internetz

Broadcasting over PeerTube a playlist of 5 documentaries (dated 2019 to 2021) all fact-based, researched and truthful.

Which side are you on?

#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNow

hello world! we are exploring computation at a human scale, in pedagogical, performative and/or speculative ways :)

very glad to be here!

currently we are starting to develop the technique, a proposal for movement practice based on the computational transformation of sequences within a constrained vocabulary. this as part of a micro-residency in the fall phase of the conference.

recently we completed the tutorial that some of you might be aware of.

you can find about this and more in the web and in gemini:

* gemini://

I don't know. Maybe it's time to make this public.

If you are trying to learn audio programming and DSP from scratch (like, *really* from scratch), these notes might be the place to start:

They were lecture notes for a student-led 1-credit audio programming course that I taught in the spring this year, but it's now a course for everyone. Some sections are still in revision, but the main contents are mostly complete.

It's probably more low level and UNIX-centric than most of the audio programming tutorials you can find, so don't expect to learn how to make an audio plugin using JUCE or how to make fancy GUIs etc. But maybe this can be a good thing.

1. you need to know basic C and UNIX shell utilities
2. it contains math, but at most calculus level

I feel this could be relevant for LURK & friends:

Call for contributors - Chiptune studies reader:

"We are excited to announce that we are seeking contributions for The Chiptune Studies Reader, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed and edited volume on chiptune - or 'chipmusic' and 'micromusic' as it is also known - which we intend to publish through Oxford University Press.

The invitation to submit an abstract is open to scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as chiptune practitioners and fans."

The computer as symbolic sewer :www_server:

‘Study an information system and neglect its standards, wires, and settings, and you
miss equally essential aspects of aesthetics, justice and change. Perhaps if we stopped
thinking of computers as information highways and began to think of them more
modestly as symbolic sewers, this realm would open up a bit.’

From: Susan Leigh Star, The Ethnography of Infrastructure, 1999.

I spoke to artist Joana Moll about her new piece for the Media Wall at The Photographers' Gallery last week.

We discussed microprocessors, their impact on the environment and the role of artists and the art world in the transition to a less polluting society.

You can read our conversation at Unthinking photography:

Basically liturgical in structure, OREMA uses standard petitions and intercessions stored on magnetic tapes in Latin, Hebrew, and FORTRAN.

Hello world! I'm a creative web developer with an interest in all things inter-networked.

I've made a collection of creative web experiences with Three.js and p5.js, you can check these out on my portfolio website:

I wrote a dissertation on creative uses of DevTools in net art and across the web, based on the view of net art being a participatory performance - more than happy to ping over a copy if you're interested.

Something interesting I saw yesterday was a VR streamer discussing the philiosophy of being a "real person" in VR as opposed to reality. They didn't think there was a difference, they felt that being able to have complete control over your personal expression in VR actually helped portray an authentic self - a closer "melding of consciousness". The streamer then casually walked into a bar where two other streamers were having a conversation about Lain and VR drugs. This scene feels like it's at the forefront of the internet and where it's going.

I'll be posting any observations and insights I find throughout my online travels to this account. Best wishes.

Anyone knows a simple for visual generic diagramming? By that I mean drag'n'drop stuff, not a DOT language or similar. I'd like to move things around myself in the while having persistent connections between nodes.

It's to quickly draft a small studio wiring setup with a patchbay, making inventory of cables missing/etc.

A Small Ecosystem for Living Thoughts

🐡 🐡 🐡

Monday, 11th October
19:30 – 21:30
Leeszaal Rotterdam West
Rijnhoutplein 3, 3014 TZ rotterdam


with Clara Gradel, Floor van Meeuwen, Martin Foucaut, Camilo Garcia, Federico Poni, Nami Kim, Euna Lee, Kendal Beynon, Jacopo Lega and Louisa Teichmann


It’s oh-fish-ial! Students of the Experimental Publishing Master invite you to dive into their small ecosystem of living thoughts. Join us for an evening of conversation, discussion and new view points from inside and outside the net. If you look closely, you might even see some early thesis ideas hatching. Let's leave no rock unturned.

🐡 🐡 🐡

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