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À Genève, dans un magazine lifestyle rempli de bagnoles de luxe et de yachts de misère, le thème de l'effondrement, version cool.

As part of my research into the diverse views on sustainability and ICT, I wrote a paper about edge computing and greenwashing.

'Refusing the Burden of Computation: Edge Computing and Sustainable ICT' is published in the open access, online APRJA journal's issue on research refusal.

My tools, instruments and fonts have now their dedicated page: Fragile Forge! 🔥

The latest issue of the free online open access journal, A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Research Refusal, is now available at - with some great articles.

Disk magazine "FutureDisk" to return to the MSX scene (1500+ chars) 

FutureDisk to return to the MSX scene

In the land of #diskMagazines for the #MSX, #FutureDisk was one of the more well-known and longer lived ones, with almost 50 editions of its disk magazine. Now, more than 20 years later, a bunch of the former crew along with some fresh blood, are planning to return in 2022 with a new issue of FutureDisk! Its first new release is expected to be released at MSX Fair Nijmegen 2022 before a world-wide release online.

What is a disk magazine?

A #diskMagazine, for those unaware, was/is something akin to a #zine; a collection of creative content, presented on disk media.
For the MSX scene this often included reviews of software such as games, other disk magazines and (digital) music collections, as well as guides, game hints, music covers in #chiptune form, scene news, demos, #pixelArt, etc. All presented in a digital interface with nice graphics, animations, music and scrollers. ;)
See for instance this overview of FutureDisk 01 for an example of what you could expect on one.

Who will be involved?

MSX sceners such as #KoenDols, #Jorito (who you might also know from his involvement in OCRemix projects), #ParallaxMSX Pat, #Hegega, and #Meits.

Where to follow updates?

The comments section of the FD2022 announcement on and are probably a good place to start.

#MSX2 #diskzines #retroGaming #homecomputers #retroComputers #z80 #8bit #chiptunes

Permacomputing Update 2021 

When I wrote my Permacomputing essay in 2020, I was unaware of anyone else having similar ideas. So I decided to write a "sequel" that summarizes what I have found out since. (It's about 35K / 4900 words long)…Permacomputing Update 2021 | viznut

« Remettre clairement en question l’asservissement à une plate-forme unique dans le paysage des médias sociaux dominants »

Belle découverte ce texte sur l’état des lieux du fediverse :

👍 @320x200 @rra

New from The Photographers' Gallery's digital programme:

Flash Fictions: 11 short pieces created in collaboration with automated tools. Over two weeks, you’ll be sent email fictions exploring prediction, prosthetic memory, alternative networks and possible futures.

Sign up at:

Salut à tous et toutes ! 👋

Aujourd’hui, on vous annonce quelque chose qui devrait vous plaire : nous revenons sur Mastodon, pour de vrai.

L'après grève de la faim des personnes - une lettre à leur voisins.
"8 bonnes raisons
de soutenir
la régularisation
1. Régulariser, c’est lutter contre le travail au noir et la fraude sociale.
2. Régulariser les travailleurs et travailleuses répondrait au problème de pénurie de main-d’œuvre.
3. Cela rapporterait par ailleurs jusqu’à 65 millions d’euros nets par mois dans les caisses de la sécurité sociale.
4. Les expulsions et la détention
en centre fermé coûtent très cher à l’État.
5. Régulariser est la condition sine qua non au respect des droits fondamentaux de toutes les personnes vivant en Belgique.
6. Régulariser, c’est lutter contre l’exclusion sociale, le racisme et la montée de l’extrême droite.
7. La Belgique a déjà mené des campagnes de régularisation sans que cela n’engendre d’«appel d’air». Cette crainte est donc injustifiée.
8. Régulariser, c’est rendre leur dignité aux femmes, hommes et enfants qui ont déjà tout perdu."
Signer la pétition.

I set up my A500+ again, using ATI TV Wonder video capture card in a Pentium 4 desktop, connected to a VGA monitor.

I found the floppy disk with my utils (written in Blitz Basic 2) for sending/receiving files via MIDI SysEx. recompiled the receiver with a larger buffer size so I could send downloaded from aminet (buffer needs to be at least 2N+3 bytes for an N byte file). made a backup as the disk had some read/write errors.

I needed to write 2 small utils in C on the Linux side to do the what the attachched did on the Amiga side, but I made them work as stdio filters - the actual transfer is done with the amidi tool.

Then connecting MIDI: the Amiga external ProMIDI interface out/in to my Linux external UA-25 interface in/out (got them plugged correctly on first try).

Transferred to Amiga, ran it to decompress it, archived my source code to a new lha archive, transferred them to Linux.

Set up FS-UAE on my laptop, installed Workbench2.0_GB.adf onto a virtual hard drive, rebooted, installed Blitz Basic 2 from CD ISO (downloaded from, installed amigae33a.lha and ec33a.lha from aminet, so that I can do some develoment emulated, with a keyboard that works properly (A500+'s E key is broken, and 2 and S are a bit dodgy).

Session 8 progress

Paint lettering thingie 6/3 (took more layers than planned, still no idea if this is going to work) + added a second SID chip :nes_fire:

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PhD thesis, PhD life, facing your demons 

Took me 5 years to properly publish my PhD thesis and come to terms with what this document symbolizes to me: an interminable period of stress, loneliness and resentment. Anywho, the PDF is now on ResearchGate, with DOI and all:

Even though it is nicer to access it from :unwanted_ok:

Just came across this really cool art residency:

2022 Experimental Weaving Residency Call for Entries ($10k!)

Pretty proud of Other Worlds's new issue. Here, French designer Anaëlle Beignon tackles the notion of obsolescence, showing how it is not an "essential" feature of a device, but a relational quality involving societal and technical expectations.

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