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💎 (a nice OSS tool) is hiring for 2 positions:
1) One Junior Developer to implement Wikimedia Commons reconciliation and batch functionalities; 6 months remote paid contract.

More details:

2) One Java / JavaScript Junior Developer to implement wikimedia Structured Data on Commons functionalities in OpenRefine; 8 months remote paid contract.

More details:

OR team are great, and this project will bring significant improvement to the
/ open knowledge ecosystem.

I will be talking tomorrow at 6pm CEST about data colonialism, and how data extraction affects commonality in and outside of technological practice.

Are you near ? Do you like experimental and ? Then join XPUB students Martin Foucaut and Federico Poni at The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend 2021 8-11 July to experience their work

⚠️ "Caution Weird Floor"! ⚠️


violence, audacity, 4chan 

Lead developer (cookiengineer) from the #audacity fork (#tenacity) got attacked with a knife at their place of residential, after several others showed up at their door to create fear.
No life threatening physical injury happened.

This happened after they got harassed and doxxed via #4chan.

They report that the for #sneedacity took part in this harassment campaign. (I did not take the time to verify that)

Their report can be read here:

Harassment is not a joke and again and again it shows that it leads to IRL consequences. And it must stop.

Hi all! We're the folks behind Co-op Cloud (, a project which aims to build out a digital configuration commons for tech co-ops and democratic tech collectives. Our approach aims to maximise sharing, co-operation and reuse for setting up and maintaining libre software infrastructure. We have a public matrix room at ``, feel welcome! The project is currently in public alpha and super young ☁️ 🎩 💻
#introductions #tech #coops #coopcloud #commons

On Wednesday I will present Radio-active Monstrosities at the 6th Web Audio Conference () that will be held online from the 5th to the 7th of July 2021 at a Virtual Campus of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona.

link of the work:
poster for WAC:
more about the work at WAC:

Radio-active Monstrosities is a interface that addresses ways of listening to collective voices and female-sounding voices that are perceived as inappropriate or annoying. Visitors of the page are invited to record themselves and choose a type of distortion to participate in, forming new imaginaries around technologically-mediated voices, which through their technical ‘monstrosity’, can reveal other forms of speech. The interface uses Web Audio API to distort vocal contributions into 4 different types of distortion: ‘collective’, ‘echo’, ‘lowpitch’ and ‘lowpass’.

WAC is an international conference dedicated to web audio technologies and applications. The conference addresses academic research, artistic research, development, design, evaluation and standards concerned with emerging audio-related web technologies such as Web Audio API, Web RTC, WebSockets and Javascript.

Been lurking here for a few days, time for a post! Got some printed versions of my phd reports, so if anyone from my 9 followers here missed the twitter post, DM if you want me to save you a set... trying to distribute them to schools / teaching contexts primarily :D

Full context info + downloads:

Birdsite, Covid 

Covid vaccine green pass for sale on the dark web for €150. This features in lots of cyberpunk dystopia sci-fi books.

New issue of The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics on "The Changing Ontology of the Image" includes contributions by CSNI researchers.

NJA Vol. 30 No. 61-62 (2021)
Full open access:
Print version to follow in August.

Centre for the Study of the Networked Image (Geoff Cox, Annet Dekker, Andrew Dewdney, and Katrina Sluis)

What Is an Image?
Winnie Soon, Geoff Cox

So you know how the 1541 has a 6502 in it? (it's basically a computer in a disk drive, but it has no display...)

So um

Here's a demo, and a writeup about the demo, on how to make a demo for a 1541 disk drive.

and have it display stuff.



Mind you the start of the demo showed cutting cables and I was very "NOOOooOOOO don't damage the equipment" so I hope people make custom cables instead of damaging cables but that's me

#demoscene #6502

Finally finished fixing, recapping and calibrating this old BOSS DM-100 analogue delay/chorus from 1980. It sounds very noice.

While fixing it I saw the PCB had the Roland logo on it, and looking a bit further, it seems like Roland was basically making all the BBD delays for BOSS, Maxon, and probably more. Actually, comparing the panel and PCBs, it seems that the BOSS DM-100 is a revision update of the 1978 Roland Analog Echo DC-20.

Anyway, I think this one has lots of potential for modding. I'm thinking of learning more about CV in, and that would be a great addition. This delay also has an analogue filter linked to the delay length, it's all hardwired but would be great to have the possibility to control the filter as well.

The Drum & Bass On The Bike series is getting bigger and bigger 🚲 🔈 🥁

I need your help with more text line contributions, or else the system runs out of material soon:

/cc @kontakt

Bookmarked: The Political Economy of Degrowth / Timothée Parrique What is degrowth and what are its implications for political economy? Divided in three parts, this dissertation explores the why, what, and howof degrowth.

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