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✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Fediverse-Action - post to Fediverse when code on GitHub is changed
YouTube 2 PeerTube - mirror YouTube channels to #PeerTube
gemifedi - Gemini frontend to Fediverse
BirdSiteLIVE - Twitter to ActivityPub bridge
ligh7hau5 - Matrix to Fediverse client / bridge - Emulate group accounts on #Mastodon
yt2pt - Set of scripts to quickly import your YouTube channel to PeerTube
corpus-activity-streams - Activity Streams 2.0 vocabulary data and alternative docs

For all tools visit:

Saturday 27 March at 15:00 GMT I will join the Now Play This team and Nicholas O'Brien of Essay Games to play two games (Villains and Heroes and The Last Survey) and discuss games that explicitly explore bad actors in terms of the climate crisis.

This year the festival explores the relationship between play, games and the climate crisis. It's on 25 - 28 March, 100% online and freely accessible. There's a game jam 😀

The Last Survey

Villains and Heroes

@manetta and I have been working on a small online module about as digital for @cc_utrecht, where the latter is a term that draws attention to stress points in infrastructures and stimulates thinking about how to intervene. We welcome feedback and thoughts on it, it is a work that will continue in different ways.


Nice article from West Den Haag about the special issue 13 released in December (IRL launch currently planned for the spring). This project was developed by first year students, with the guidance of Nienke Scholts, @lidia_p and XPUB staff.

The I got is fitted with a FuriaEC020 accelerator. Upgrading its firmware is quite tedious. Here is an HOWTO I wrote because I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget all this stuff soon as I'm not doing anything with CPLD/FPGA/etc. Also maybe useful for other Furia owners on Linux.

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Feminist Hack Meetings - Feminist Servers
Backups, migrations, and other painful stories

Join us online, Saturday 13/03/2021

11:00-13:00 CET: workshop (sign up required)
13:00-14:30 CET: lunch break (open 'bar')
14:30-16:00 CET: discussion (public)
more info:

So I managed to get myself an 600 and added all the different boards and whatnot I wanted to have on this config (more on that later), but for future ref, here is how I was using emulation with support on a until now:

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10 days left to submit your entries to lovebyte (and vote on the nano awards). don't know what the hell i'm talking about? it's a demoscene event focused on tiny size, open competitions for coders, musicians and pixelart. #demoscene #sizecoding #codegolf

Online lecture by interdisciplinary, intersectional, digital media scholar and digital herstorian Dr Kishonna Gray whose areas of research include identity, performance and online environments, embodied deviance, cultural production, video games, and Black Cyberfeminism co-organized by Page Not Found and the Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy will be happening tomorrow at 4:00 PM (CET):

Totally free!

"Crypto art" is literally just "numbered prints, but each time I sign my name I also promise to burn down a local park.":

Read & Repair - feat. Agustina Woodgate and Dennis de Bel

On Sunday 28th February,
holds a REPAIR session, with @then followed by a READ session with Agustina Woodgate.

13:00-14:30 CET
In this live session Dennis and Danny will take you through the steps to recreate a simple as designed by Tetsuo Kogawa. We will cover the actual construction of the transmitter, what to transmit and how to receive the signal.

19:00-21:00 CET
Inspired by the current theme Wireless Imagination, this selection brings together some of the topics that have inspired Agustina over the last few years of activity - The architecture of air, and alternative means of .

More info:

Poster design by @p_p

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