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Anyone is using as some interface/environment for a personal or taking system that's more than just browsing/searching through a collection of files? (this is what I'm doing right now)

I'm currently looking for some inspiration/ideas/possibilities for keep using acme also for such usage, for some light -like usage, or something.

Des commentaires sur vos articles Gemini 

J’ai pondu à l’arrache un truc pour intégrer des toots comme commentaires sur une page #gemini

Si le cœur vous en dit, je veux bien que vous répondiez à ce toot, histoire de voir si ça marche 😚

Si oui, alors le résultat sera visible ici : 


La page est mise à jour toutes les 5 minutes.

Assange's extradition verdict:

"If he wasnt in such tragic health condition -in which he was pushed by brutal UK legal system, bail refusal, super-max detention, isolation, etc.-, he should have been extradited for his journalism"

A victory for #Assange (awaiting for appeal...) a big DEFEAT for free speech, press freeedom and our right to information and communication.


TOMORROW, Jan 4th 2021 - Verdict in Julian #Assange's extradition case to the US, where he faces 175y in a supermax prison for publishing truthful information and revealing war crimes.

Will UK break away from EU Human Rights and send a prized publisher for a life sentence and torture in the US, where officials from both parties called to have him killed?

Stay tuned for that potential #Brexit from Human Rights...


"50 Years of

A 2021 Journey from Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon


Every week in 2021, I'll be posting an in-depth look at one text-based computer game from each year between 1971 and 2021, starting next week with The Oregon Trail. For each game, we’ll take a meaty deep dive into what it was like to play in the context of its original release (on a chattering , over a dial-up modem in a prototype web , on a brand-new iPad) and how its ideas influenced players and the next generation of makers. When warranted, we’ll dig into old or source code to tease out how each game worked, why it was built the way it was, and what it did that was new, interesting, or successful."

Rhizome boosting the Flash preservation fundraiser with a telethon of Flash artworks on new year's eve*!

* for inhabitants around GMT-5 time zones

If you use acme as your daily driver on Unix, you may want to check out nyne - a suite of formatting and text editing tools I wrote for acme. You can kind of think of it like a .exrc for acme. Let me know what you think:

#plan9 #acme


It's on (and of and on!) at

or take the path towards Freedom (for #Assange!) in the RC3 World!

... then will you find our friends, trapped in Guantanamarsh??


Regardless of last week's declaration of dismissing once again the accusation that his government was involved in 's attempted assassination, Navalny just published the recording of a recent phone call he made with one of the agent involved in the operation, in which he was able to successfully extract information/proofs via pretexting.

The English subtitles are good.

folks here might be interested in, a community forum for diy audio and video started recently with a few friends:

"this forum was created as a friendly place to discuss diy video and audio projects, electronic-based art, and related interests. it is hosted on our own servers running discourse,, and peertube, and is intended as a refuge from large corporate social media sites. as a community run space, we hope to facilitate sharing of information and encouragement among newcomers and old schoolers alike."

My interview with Nestor Sire
for The Photographers' Gallery is live! We discuss Nestor’s artistic practice and how he has engaged with the development of alternative networks that arose in Cuba, from book rental shops to El Paquete Semanal and SNET.

The 2020 dictionary you did not ask is here!🎄 🎁 🎉

ECO, GREEN: you could recycle the box, the product is 50% theoretically recyclable but it's not worth processing it, so it's just all e-waste really.

FAIR TRADE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN: no idea how it's produced and by who. Our manufacturers have collected all sorts of labels that we can add on our PR.

FREE/OPEN, COMMUNITY, SHARING IS CARING: unpublished fork of Android, or OpenWrt, or was it FreeBSD 4.0? Kind of forgot, it was outsourced anyway.

SMART, AI: it has a quad-core processor to do annoying and useless stuff very fast.

LOCAL FIRST, DESIGNED IN HAPPY DEMOCRACIES: we sent design files and BOM to a factory in China.

MODULAR DESIGN, FUTURE PROOF: you can eventually change the crappy battery with another crappy battery.

CONNECTED, WIFI: it's stuffed with sensor and trackers and calling home 24/7 unencrypted using old software that we won't update. We will hoard the data though and sell it or something.

ONLINE SERVICES: Shitty web browser. There's also an app store with all sort of spyware from our partners.

ENERGY EFFICIENT, RESOURCE FRIENDLY: it used a ton of energy to design, produce, ship, and market, but yeah you can save 50 cents on your energy bill and look like you saved the world.


Ready for next week () w/Lee Tzu Tung , which is one of the Forking PiraGene  projects for LAB KILL LAB taking place December 14-20, 2020 at C-lab. Forking Piragene takes an unrealized proposal on piragene and piraport from Shih-Chieh Ilya Li and Audrey Tang for Kingdom of Piracy in 2001 and invites hack generation artists to further expand on their concept to “…demonstrate an alternative "identity platform" for pirates, via Gene discrimination, Port multiplexing, and Cross-signed trust chains.”

+++Description of forkonomy ()+++
In contemporary economical expansion, America federal and banks, giant tech corporations have managed to maintain their colonial forces to govern the accessibility and distribution of resources. The rise of China economic power, though operating in a different regime, also follows and adopts similar capitalistic, centralized and advanced (computable) machines, in which the invisible hand exploits ecologies and alienates labors. The economy trade bloc further demarcates the nowaday island states and territories of the Pacific. [...]

More info and

Get your FREE ticket for #RC3 (Remote Chaos Experience) NOW!!

(You will need a free ticket to access some of the internal/participatory resources such as a cute PixelWorld)

Don't wait! Get it now! They're limited...

#CCC <3

--- Call for Subscriptions ---

Together with @alcstrt and @dvd we are working on A Nourishing Network (), a publishing feed that extends the bi-yearly festival in Linz, organised by @servus.

Especially in this moment of reduced mobility and physical encounters, we are excited to launch this playful publishing experiment, which will circulate throughout a community that usually gathers in small-sized events and festivals.

You can subscribe to the RSS, Atom or postal feed :) here:


If you subscribe to the postal feed you will receive multiple packages, including extra copies of the essays and means to forward these one step further.

The feed departs from the following questions:

- Another lost occasion for degrowth?
- Re-centralization or blooming alternatives?
- Artdiversity loss: is now Zoom the best art gallery 2020?

ps. You can also subscribe to the feed on Mastodon, by following this account:


Open Call Magiun Food Magazine 1/3 

Open Call Magiun #2, on adapting

Back in Spring, nobody wanted to imagine we'd be in a similar situation months later. Now, we find ourselves in the winter of 2020. We have limited opportunities to hang out and share food with our friends and families or to celebrate pretty much anything. Even though we've had months to prepare, it's still hard to keep it together.

Starting today:
IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S US - text adventure meets radio drama / 7-12. December :nes_fire:

IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S US is a postsynchronous* collective text to speech adventure, embodying everyday contractual codification such as Terms of Service, Codes of Conduct and Patents. A script, a scripture, a code to conduct, a contract to be executed, a text to embody. A performance. An acting out. A vocalisation. A correspondence and a public rehearsal.

It's still possible to join until tomorrow 4pm CET!

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