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The 2020 dictionary you did not ask is here!🎄 🎁 🎉

ECO, GREEN: you could recycle the box, the product is 50% theoretically recyclable but it's not worth processing it, so it's just all e-waste really.

FAIR TRADE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN: no idea how it's produced and by who. Our manufacturers have collected all sorts of labels that we can add on our PR.

FREE/OPEN, COMMUNITY, SHARING IS CARING: unpublished fork of Android, or OpenWrt, or was it FreeBSD 4.0? Kind of forgot, it was outsourced anyway.

SMART, AI: it has a quad-core processor to do annoying and useless stuff very fast.

LOCAL FIRST, DESIGNED IN HAPPY DEMOCRACIES: we sent design files and BOM to a factory in China.

MODULAR DESIGN, FUTURE PROOF: you can eventually change the crappy battery with another crappy battery.

CONNECTED, WIFI: it's stuffed with sensor and trackers and calling home 24/7 unencrypted using old software that we won't update. We will hoard the data though and sell it or something.

ONLINE SERVICES: Shitty web browser. There's also an app store with all sort of spyware from our partners.

ENERGY EFFICIENT, RESOURCE FRIENDLY: it used a ton of energy to design, produce, ship, and market, but yeah you can save 50 cents on your energy bill and look like you saved the world.


Ready for next week () w/Lee Tzu Tung , which is one of the Forking PiraGene  projects for LAB KILL LAB taking place December 14-20, 2020 at C-lab. Forking Piragene takes an unrealized proposal on piragene and piraport from Shih-Chieh Ilya Li and Audrey Tang for Kingdom of Piracy in 2001 and invites hack generation artists to further expand on their concept to “…demonstrate an alternative "identity platform" for pirates, via Gene discrimination, Port multiplexing, and Cross-signed trust chains.”

+++Description of forkonomy ()+++
In contemporary economical expansion, America federal and banks, giant tech corporations have managed to maintain their colonial forces to govern the accessibility and distribution of resources. The rise of China economic power, though operating in a different regime, also follows and adopts similar capitalistic, centralized and advanced (computable) machines, in which the invisible hand exploits ecologies and alienates labors. The economy trade bloc further demarcates the nowaday island states and territories of the Pacific. [...]

More info and

Get your FREE ticket for #RC3 (Remote Chaos Experience) NOW!!

(You will need a free ticket to access some of the internal/participatory resources such as a cute PixelWorld)

Don't wait! Get it now! They're limited...

#CCC <3

--- Call for Subscriptions ---

Together with @alcstrt and @dvd we are working on A Nourishing Network (), a publishing feed that extends the bi-yearly festival in Linz, organised by @servus.

Especially in this moment of reduced mobility and physical encounters, we are excited to launch this playful publishing experiment, which will circulate throughout a community that usually gathers in small-sized events and festivals.

You can subscribe to the RSS, Atom or postal feed :) here:


If you subscribe to the postal feed you will receive multiple packages, including extra copies of the essays and means to forward these one step further.

The feed departs from the following questions:

- Another lost occasion for degrowth?
- Re-centralization or blooming alternatives?
- Artdiversity loss: is now Zoom the best art gallery 2020?

ps. You can also subscribe to the feed on Mastodon, by following this account:


Open Call Magiun Food Magazine 1/3 

Open Call Magiun #2, on adapting

Back in Spring, nobody wanted to imagine we'd be in a similar situation months later. Now, we find ourselves in the winter of 2020. We have limited opportunities to hang out and share food with our friends and families or to celebrate pretty much anything. Even though we've had months to prepare, it's still hard to keep it together.

Starting today:
IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S US - text adventure meets radio drama / 7-12. December :nes_fire:

IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S US is a postsynchronous* collective text to speech adventure, embodying everyday contractual codification such as Terms of Service, Codes of Conduct and Patents. A script, a scripture, a code to conduct, a contract to be executed, a text to embody. A performance. An acting out. A vocalisation. A correspondence and a public rehearsal.

It's still possible to join until tomorrow 4pm CET!

Where is my custom mechanical keyboard that has every single XF86 multimedia keys?

Special shout-out to:
XF86XK_Finance 0x1008FF3C /* Display financial site */
XF86XK_Community 0x1008FF3D /* Display user's community */
XF86XK_Market 0x1008FF62 /* ?? */
XF86XK_Support 0x1008FF7E /* Get support (??) */
XF86XK_Red 0x1008FFA3 /* Red button */

>I am happy to announce we have funded PhD in Performance in the Age of Social Distancing.



Saw an exciting announcement:

> I would like to share my recent work PdWebParty which is a web app that allows you to run Pd patches in a web browser and share them by using a web link. As the name implies, it is inspired by PdDroidParty and PdParty.

> Currently, the app only supports Bang(bng), Toggle(tgl), Canvas(cnv), and Comment but other objects will be added soon.

> You can try the app from

> For more information, visit

> -- Zack Lee

Saturday 05 December

Only a very few places left to join Climb the Firewall!

"Roodkapje's Hamburger Community of resident Louisa Teichmann is excited to invite you to Climb the Firewall, an *real-life* scavenger throughout ."

with: De Tapijttegels, Roos Groothuizen, Kendal Beynon, Camilo Garcia, Federico Poni, Floor van Meeuwen, Jacopo Lega.

- Due to the duration of the event it is highly recommended to come by bike. Time is of the essence when moving from one place to the next.
- As parts of the event take place outside, make sure to dress accordingly.
- Tickets are limited! Booking a ticket is a commitment to participate.
- This is Roodkapje event, but this is not the starting location. You will receive the starting location !not Roodkapje! prior to the beginning of the hunt.

More info:

"The real threat to democracy isn’t Julian Assange — it’s the espionage case against him

As the Yes Men, we have complicated feelings about . But prosecuting him under the Act would be a disaster for and ."

Finally 5min free to thank @siusoon her students, and colleagues (Magda, Søren, and Christian Ulrik) for the recent nice discussion and exchange at Aarhus uni. ! Looking forward to meet/chat again about all this mess :)

💫➡️🖥️➡️📖 I had the pleasure of running Almanac Factory, an idiotic computing workshop, for XPUB students today. Fun was had with Jupyter notebooks with really interesting results in a short time. Thanks to @320x200 @automatist @manetta for the invitation, and props for self-hosting your remote education infrastructure!

tired: crypto pump and dump
wired: vaccine pump and dump got nominated for the 'Best Venue' audience award of the 2020 .

So if you've enjoyed the things we've done at , either in-person or remotely please help us with your vote: (it is the yellow section midway down that says 'Beste Podium')

The torrent for the final PDF and all the source/assets files of FLOSS+Art (2008), an edited collection of texts about Free/Libre Open Source Software () and and , is once again seeded!

Big thanks to @hellocatfood who motivated me to do so :)

On November 26th, I’ll be presenting the bootleg library at The Photographers’ Gallery in association with the Center for the Study of the Networked Image, followed by a workshop on the 27th in which we will build a digital library together.

Full details via The Photographer’s Gallery website:

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