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A portable emergency communications station built out of an old PC case (from 2004)

Includes 440-MHz HAM, 2-meter MHz, CB(Citizens band), and FRS (which stands for Family Radio Service)


This web-audio interface addresses ways of listening to certain female-sounding voices that are perceived as inappropriate - because of the quality of their sound, their gender, the medium's distortions but also stereotypes and collective memories that they often awake. These are verbal expressions that have been associated with forms of 'monstrosity' since ancient times. You are welcome to contribute with your voices; to record yourselves, expressing your thoughts and choose a type of distortion to participate in forming new imaginaries around a technologically-mediated collective voice, which through its monstrosity can reveal other forms of speech.

The interface will be part of my performance 'Radio-active Monstrosities' under NL_CL #2: Flesh:


Managed to get a lightly modified working with my interpreter for of .

It's implemented as a bit of hack modifying the core template pad.html at present, but it should be possible to port it to a standalone Etherpad plugin - I was just fighting with npm and node and require() and things I don't understand at all so took an easier way out.

Firefox's "strict" content blocking mode breaks it. Not sure why.

Tonight at 21:00 CEST @cmos4040 and I will play some tracks we like in the LURK echo chamber :luct_warrior:

Come in for a chat and get the URL!

I will open with a mix of (I don't know what I'm doing, cmos lured me into this).

And then cmos will give us a tour of Computer related songs (think #313 )


Conversations will be available for free on the Google Play Store starting tomorrow, Friday May 1st and through the entire weekend.
That will be a perfect opportunity to get your loved ones on XMPP and try out the new video calls.


New interactive fiction and experimental publishing project released on ! Hone your bluffing skills and gather poker chips in the hope of winning a luxury prize that might help pay your rent this month, in a secret, one-person mission to infiltrate the 1%. I hope you enjoy reading/playing :)

Pondering about next Friday's radio show. I am thinking about a tour of Computer related songs. This is my Dutch pressing of Kraftwerk - Dentaku.

But it should also showcase a lot of Detroit material. #313

📖 an experiment in reading Deaf Republic together from a distance prepared by @p_p 📖

Sunday 26th April, 10.30am-12:00pm CEST

This Saturday, we learn and surf together the information super highway in the next streamed edition of > Century 21 Calling - Gone Surfing

Sending more material to the vast electronic necropolis of contemporary

No theme, No poll, No Talking.

Just music, we survived another week of remote working, let's come together and enjoy the sounds emitting from .

Tomorrow starting an hour later at 21:00 CET, tune in

and let you own voice be heard in our chat/xmpp hangout

Quelles sont les fictions films/séries que vous trouvez particulièrement adaptées à un traitement pédagogique de certains concepts sociologiques ?
(que vous les ayez mises à l'épreuve ou non !)

En ce qui me concerne, les combos qui ont bien fonctionné ces dernières années sont :

Software art online exhibition on browser fingerprinting April 22nd (Wednesday) at 17:00 UTC+02 (CEST). You're very welcome to join us, there will be a chat room for visitors and some of the art works will reflect simultaneous online presence.

#covid #TracingApp #TechnologicalSolutionnism 

Today 17:00 CEST talk about their last special issue: an archive that they cannot talk about...

mini site:

webchat/streams starts at 17:00 CEST:

(and after the event please join !)

Dear losers of the radio genre poll,

I understand what its like to be the eternal runner up but let's unite tonight in our love for the unknown.

Tapes bought over the years during events. Records that were found in the back of thrift stores, markets and dusty attics.

Tune in tonight and you might find a track to be on the tip of ones tongue.

For this show, I will write an occasional message about a song in our chat/xmpp hangout

Tonight 20:00 CET, the standard time.

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