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COVID contact tracing 

📰 The long tail of contact tracing #118
Miriyam Aouragh
Helen Pritchard
Femke Snelting

Love reading this as a Github issue. Reminds me of @320x200 & @rra fediverse talk where they touched on the repurposing of issue trackers for political discussions.

btw I get this kind of output with the following shell function:

grep_unicode() { grep "$1" /usr/share/unicode-data/UnicodeData.txt | awk -F\; '{ system("unicode -t "$1); print FS "U+"$1 FS $2 }' | column -s\; -t }

unicode command comes from plan9port but is probably very easy to reimplement if you don’t like the license, column comes from util-linux but should probably work on some BSDs as it’s originally from 4.3BSD-Reno.

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Reminder: come join us tonight at for yet another mix from @cmos4040

More info:

I've added a small stream player in the chat, let's see how it works!

Thanks everyone for voting, even the cheaters with dormant .social accounts.

Let's get this show on the road, find a way to pump your mpv's, mplayer's and vlc's into an old boombox, dust of your old kangol hat and let's hit it.

To comfort the dissapointed I shall start the show with some truly weird 80s electro by the mysterious Danan Potts.

Tune into
and hang out and have a chat at.
Tomorrow 20:00 CET, standard time.

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#quarantine #lockdown 

While collecting dispatches from the quarantine, Geert Lovink and I wrote down some considerations on our everyday life under lockdown.

tomorrow (09.04.2020 19:30) in the <CR> reading group we will discuss:

I have been streaming every Friday night on and will probably keep doing this for as long as I have records and the time to pick and play them.

Its a comfy little stream with a few listeners, knowing who listens and what they enjoy makes picking songs more direct.

Since I have never ran a successful poll on here, I will try again.
Next Friday the Theme of the stream should be:

The Work of Art in the Age of COVID-19, coming soon to the ever popular Journal of Opportunistic Studies.

Don't miss the 2021 CFP.

Last night I ran a 2 hour livestream and Q&A with some friends, teaching the basics of threat modelling in crisis. If you missed it, there's a replay here online for 14 days:

After last weeks 7" fueled disco rampage, we calm down this week and acquire a taste for longer tracks and mind enveloping melodies.

Tune in tonight 20:00 CEST to
for some space exploring 🌌 🔭 ☄️
sounds and signals.

Safe from metadata, all from vinyl in various formats.
Come lurk with us while we broadcast, no account required

COVID-19, frpol, vacances, got 

"Confinement : 160 000 policiers et gendarmes mobilisés pour empêcher les départs en vacances
Pas de départ en confinement. Le ministre de l’Intérieur martèle ce message dans une interview au Parisien, alors que les élèves d’Ile-de-France et d’Occitanie sont ce vendredi soir en vacances."

La police en bas de ton immeuble, qui bloque ta porte en mode Hodor. Ça va être bon ça.

open call for food zine 

In the midst of our collective quarantine, I’m fighting against my lack of motivation by putting out an open call for a zine. My relationship with food/eating/cooking has changed dramatically in these weeks of physical distancing, and I want to document my experience alongside that of others. Looking for text, images, lists, recipes, for a digital zine which will be shared freely. Please share this fwd. More info here:

Coronacrisis: Must read article about Rutte and his anti-solidarity gang 

#MustRead article in the Guardian about #Rutte and co., and their refusal to have solidarity with their fellow EU-members.

David Adler, Jerome Roos / The Guardian: *If coronavirus sinks the eurozone, the 'frugal four' will be to blame*

"The Dutch-led opposition to a ‘coronabond’ to raise funds for nations hardest-hit by the pandemic is self-defeating"

"Last Thursday, the leaders of the European Union convened a video conference to deliberate the escalating Covid-19 crisis. On the agenda was a simple proposal co-signed by nine different eurozone governments: the “coronabond”, a new type of public debt instrument backed by all the members of the currency union as they come together to combat the virus.

After a long decade of crisis fighting in the eurozone – pitting north against south, creditor against borrower – the proposal marked a …"

#Coronabond #Germany #Merkel #Netherlands #Austria #Finland #Italy #France #Spain #Eu #EuroeanUnion #Eurozone #Coronacrisis #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Solidarity

Support and Resource Pad for self-organised, artist-run and DIY initiatives in Rotterdam and beyond:
Our website 'Autonomous Fabric of Rotterdam' has been changed from a map of DIY spaces into a freely editable mutual support page.

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