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visual poem by Jan Voss, shown by himself (at Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam), 12-2019

Join me Saturday afternoon at #36c3 for hacking Ikea Tradfri devices and replacing their firmware with MicroPython:

Design interns please fill this in. Time to be transparent about internships and shame those studios that exploit young designers:

our can be downloaded, for free, and browsed .
for bulk download pick this zip full of torrents (seeded by Internet Archive)

or 👇

Mmmm... the base install of one their dedi offer comes partitioned with 230GB of /var, 230GB of /usr and 400GB unallocated. Oh and there's a swap in the middle. ufff....

"Ces derniers jours, j’ai voulu savoir ce qui nous attendait avec la réforme des retraites. Conclusion : le rapport Delevoye, c’est le coup final porté à la solidarité intergénérationnelle. J’explique pourquoi, en images."

Can the Internet Survive Climate Change?

On the energy consumption of the internet with a nice feature of the solar version of Magazine that I worked on.

"It is the largest coal-fired machine on the entire planet, accounting for 10 percent of global electricity demand. And the internet’s impact is only going to get worse: Around half of the world has yet to log on—a presently disconnected population of more than three billion people eager to begin streaming videos and updating Facebook accounts. The internet’s cut of the world’s electricity demand will likely rise to 20 percent or more by 2030, at which point it will produce more carbon than any country except China, India, and the United States. "

While setting up for LURK, I took some notes, like we always do, for future ref and in case that's helpful for others.

Fedi Forthers, just a quick heads up that a Forth category has been added to the Community Trunk project:

If you so desire, you can request to be added to the list.

Also, a Fedi group is available. Any posts to '' will automatically be reposted.


#forth #forthiverse

Boosts appreciated, rather than spamming the known Forthers with mentions.

🌹 ✊ Protest by pull request on the En Marche (Macron's party) website repo. 👏 @onestlatech

"L' Acentrale - Radio de la grève

Apportons nos radios dans la rue ! Alimentons la radio depuis la rue ! Que chacune et chacun d'entre nous puisse diffuser et émettre !"

Let's take our radios to the street! Let's feed radio from the street! So that everyone of us may broadcast and transmit!

Follow the sound from the French protests and strikes. Submit audio messages, send audio files and join the chat.

re-toot appreciated :)

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