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This was probably the easiest setup ever. Looking forward to see what this is about. #pwnagotchi #pizero

We've set up a Tilde-like server for our web design classes, and have just put up a HOWTO on how you can make your own with a Raspberry Pi:

🗓️🔖 2.11.2019
Next week I'll be at IMPAKT Festival in Utrecht NL, on a panel about "Calm Technology" with Olia Lialina, @ccl , and Annet Dekker as moderator—curated by @l03s as part of the festival theme: Speculative Interfaces. I'll talk about mapping Youtube recommendations, and the possibility of perhaps, maybe, chilling out within algorithmic traps. 🕸️

>VAX-11/780 mini pre-loaded with
>classics such as VMS 1.0,
>4.3BSD, Ultrix and 32v


celebration time, my book, obnoxious joy 

>latest FreeBSD SVN changes breaks resume on laptop
>spend two hours bisecting
>just forgot to recompile a kernel module

Hey! On Monday, I'll be in Coventry with Cristina Garriga. We'll discuss experimental as part of a free event from the Post-Publishing programme of the Centre for Postdigital Cultures from uni.

Come say hi :)

Are you an artist looking for commissions/collaborations? Is your medium a woodcut or engraved style? Do you like to work within very odd space constraints? Please get in touch!

Getting back into the regular routine of composing etudes. This time, I'm attempting to make my sounds "bleed" into the visual domain, something I've always wanted to get into.

Here's the first one. It's a 1MB video file, so I hope I'm not abusing the attachment system too much.

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