Did you miss something from #AMRO20? The session of Art Meets Radical Openness 2020 - Of Whirlpools and Tornadoes are available at dorftv.at:

Zine launch announcement 

Delighted to announce that Magiun #1 is finally out, in digital form, and can be seen, read and commented upon at magiun.online

Magiun is a magazine about everyday food. This first edition deals with eating in isolation - the struggles, the joys, the unexpected discoveries, the newly added anxieties.

Print version out soon!



"Securely and anonymously share files of any size. A web server is started, making OnionShare accessible as a Tor Onion Service, potentially temporarily or in a stealthy manner, over the Internet. An unguessable address is generated and is shared for the recipient to open in the Tor Browser to download the files. No separate server or third party file-sharing service required. You host the files on your own computer."

There's a GUI, but the CLI is so good, just `onionshare somestuff.bin` and you get a temporary onion service serving a static password protected website with the file made available. By default once the file has been downloaded, everything shuts down.

@palomakop and friends set up a new #PeerTube instance at https://videos.scanlines.xyz thats devoted to experimental video art. They have already been using it for a few weeks now and there is interesting weird content already posted.

Since its part of the fediverse you can go ahead and follow @bobbypharaoh, @cyberboy666, @respirator, and @robtoner from here and get any new weird video art that they post!

the Electric Zine Maker update is now live!!
a new template is here!
~ the adorable tiny square accordion zine ~
❤️ 18 pages to draw on
💕 instructions included
✨ with updates to printing, support for double face prints, and more...
🥰 i can't wait to see what you make with it!
download: https://alienmelon.itch.io/electric-zine-maker
devlog: https://alienmelon.itch.io/electric-zine-maker/devlog/166588/breaking-news-new-template-the-square-accordion-fold

@paul sure, I was just teasing you :)

Nancarrow and black midi: true, there is a direct connection, black midi is really at the cross road of net culture, CPU benchmarks, pop music and several decades of experiments with player pianos. I find it quite cool TBH :)

About the piano roll, it's true that it's everywhere, and there are reasons for that which are probably linked to the dominance of MIDI and the synth industry. The split between this industry and the audio tool making subculture of early home computers was particularly flagrant (at least for me at the time) on the Atari ST that somehow had the best of both worlds with MIDI in/out, cubase and samplers, and yet also plethora of awesome chiptune/mod trackers and weird little audio tools freely circulating around.

All this has obvious impact on what's being made, @l03s wrote something about this a while ago, also linking to why FLOSS is specially relevant to this discussion.


With all that said, I am not sure how easy it would be to write good italo disco with IanniX :P

Wipeout/tDR mention :nes_fire:
More importantly, "But I’d forgotten what made Mario Kart incredibly amusing: the social aspect" Mario kart 8 varia multi screen/switch tournament when?

I undestand procrastination differently from idleness though. I see the former as the byproduct of dealing with the multitasking and mental load you describe whereas idleness for me is either a privilege or a state of mind/activity that we constantly feel bad/guilty about. The two seem to clash harder and harder as you grow older, and depending on your economic and family situation. Maybe that's this clash that makes gaming as an adult a more complicated thing to engage with...

What new skills did I acquire during lockdown? Mostly, I learnt how to drift in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. On Obieg I talk about excitement for the future, unboxing, open worlds and frenzy vs. idleness. obieg.u-jazdowski.pl/en/numery

chlorophylla is alive on:

it's a platform meant to stream sound recordings* and environmental sensor data from around Anca Bucur's installations at the Botanical Gardens in Bucharest. The interventions will be on until August, 15, so check them out if you're around Bucharest during this time
*right now we're just streaming some soundscapes from our last vacation 😃

First time I saw it was years ago before the net became the new cable TV. AFAI remember It was frequently used on commercial TV when they started to default to 720p/1080p 16:9 and when they were showing 240p/480p 4:3 footages. It made complete sense that this would happen. TV has historically been obsessed with maximizing screen surface (Panavision, CinemaScope cropping, etc). I think video chat designers can't help but emulate this aesthetic of black bars avoidance. It's super annoying/absurd. It's even used in video conf software now, as if video chat clients needed extra computational load to display such crap.

Oh I remember this one. That was quite a thread!

📄 Hector Postigo, Emerging Sources of Labor on the Internet: The Case of America Online Volunteers, 2003 https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/56D287B6007BCF167FC254EF4ED166CF/S0020859003001329a.pdf/emerging_sources_of_labor_on_the_internet_the_case_of_america_online_volunteers.pdf

“While there is little doubt that many did volunteer for the altruistic rewards, many came to AOL with other expectations. Some thought that volunteering would be a springboard to employment in a lucrative Internet company; others wanted to gain experience with computers; and still others simply wanted a price break on the hourly rates that were driving their service bill beyond their budgets. As their expectations failed them, the reorganization process positioned some of the volunteers to begin reassessing the meaning of volunteering and community at AOL.”

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