can our artistic practices as digital and new media artists cohabit peacefully with the rest of planet? please let me know

Open call for female artists to play online @ Sonic Electronics - OFF Iklectik - contact

"A feminist perspective on data science: The Feminist Search Tool (text by @anglk)

This essay is a reflection on the development of a feminist search tool and my involvement in its technical and conceptual aspects. It refers to the notion of feminist critical computing in public infrastructures and specifically digital libraries. It brings to light the frictions between the technical aspects of a digital infrastructure and the societal issues it comes to address. This essay studies one1 of the prototypes of the Feminist Search Tool (FST), a collective artistic project that explores ways of engaging with items of digital library catalogues and systems of categorization2. The specific FST I worked on is a digital visualization tool that engages with the collection of the International Homo/Lesbian Information center and Archive (IHLIA) using terms from their Homosaurus, a standalone international LGBTQ linked data vocabulary that is used to describe their collection3. This essay highlights the tensions between technical restrictions and research questions within the working group of the FST."

@administrator yup I can have a look later today and tell you what worked for me.

@freebliss I solved the same problem for myself 2 years ago with a low-mid-range Intel NUC. Everything works out of the box on Linux. It supports enough hardware accelerated video codecs to please anyone (maybe a bit tight for 4K, but I don't need that). I use it just with mpv, but such a system would be a perfect candidate for kodi. There are many NUCs around, and the Wikipedia page is a good start to figure out which chipset is in which model. Where I live they are often found second hand. RPis can be OK-ish, but you obviously need to lower a bit your expectations... You may want to try Debian's RPi images and not raspian, the performance are significantly better and I got much more stable and better GPU support out of the box. you can also enable the backports to get more recent firmware updates and kernel.

Aki and Special Issue XIII [XPUB // Piet Zwart Institute]

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Have any of you ever made a friend via an video chat application like Zoom, Teams, Jitsi Meet, etc?

Asking because I'm writing an article.

The sabotage ep. includes discussion of this brilliant piece:

📄 Gidgit Digit (1982) ‘Sabotage: the Ultimate Video Game’, Processed World.

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!- Publication -!
An Ethico-Phenomenology of Digital Art Practices

Puzzling as it may sounds to some ears, this freshly published book of mine has been inspired a lot by many of you lurkers!

E-book version is the most affordable at the moment. Hardbound for libraries etc.
It will be a few months before the softbound copies will be available.
Still, if any of you get a chance to read it, I would very much welcome the conversation!

>tcpdump (4.99.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
>tcpdump is now installed to /usr/bin, not /usr/sbin.

populist sniffing

reading material from my paper: On Taiwan, Urbanization, Greening/Greenwashing 

@pixouls that's super useful, thanks. Been recently more and more interested in the contribution of Audrey Tang to TW's new gov, and vision of TW (digital) society/governance. Where can I find your paper (Equity and the Environment: Understanding the Approach to Social Equity of Sustainable Development in Taipei, Taiwan)?

@ojack totally! the web application in itself is cool, but the way they are (ab)using the URL to store everything is super nice :) it also reminded me of this

Tactical Tech is seeking a part-time writer and editor to consult on a series of self-learning investigation resources being developed under our EXPOSING THE INVISIBLE and EXPOSING THE INVISIBLE: THE KIT projects.

Here is some crossplay between a NES and a PC

It is exciting to see it coming to life! If porting modern games concepts to a 8bits CPU and 2 KB of RAM is not an easy task, it is a very rewarding one!

(If you don't know it already: it is an online smash-like, for the NES)

#nesdev #gamedev

"BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies.

All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. When you make changes to the song, the URL is updated to reflect your changes. When you are satisfied with your song, just copy and paste the URL to save and share your song!"


Oh I see... I like this idea of creating the link + the missing file in one go! Can I ask.. Isn't it too annoying visually to have the link in a markdown format though? It could be less intrusive to pick an unused markup/delimiter and have the matching file name unchanged, that is to say with no file extension, if you know what I mean? But then you loose the advantage of using markdown in the first place... Do you use such format because you also browse your wiki in a rendered form? Other option could be that if one uses such extra markup/delimiter, it could then get properly replaced by markdown links whenever the wiki needs to be exported?

Anyone is using as some interface/environment for a personal or taking system that's more than just browsing/searching through a collection of files? (this is what I'm doing right now)

I'm currently looking for some inspiration/ideas/possibilities for keep using acme also for such usage, for some light -like usage, or something.

Des commentaires sur vos articles Gemini 

J’ai pondu à l’arrache un truc pour intégrer des toots comme commentaires sur une page #gemini

Si le cœur vous en dit, je veux bien que vous répondiez à ce toot, histoire de voir si ça marche 😚

Si oui, alors le résultat sera visible ici : 


La page est mise à jour toutes les 5 minutes.

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