introducing self: Grafton9, a diy archiving initiative of italian books, zines and journals of autonomous left and grassroots squats, of late '90s (but not only). very low quality, very low profile, a lot of activities on hacking tools and software for digitization and publishing on the web, and collecting rare published materials.

everything can be browsed, downloaded, keeped offline.

Tomorrow: , 18:00. Together with @lidia_p will do a minilaunch of and randomly dig into my research directories to exhume entreprecarious memes, illustrations, screenshots, artworks, invoices (hopefully not), etc. Here's a taste.

@rra yes, they're coming from XS4ALL and looking at some responses to Plan B they seem to have attracted people nostalgic of the early days of the ISP (which are quite fantastic indeed). But XS4ALL in the recent years was pretty much like every other ISP, just with better default modem/AP/router (for sure), better service (I don't know), but at a premium price. So am not sure where Plan B will be going.

"This is a list of available fantasy consoles/computers. Including softwares which simulate virtual hardwares, with limited functionality. And always encourage creating and sharing tiny retro games and programs with built-in languages and tools."

New in the called Plan B is being currently crowdinvested (?). They aim at adding another voice to the currently very limited Dutch landscape. They have reached their minimal goal of €1.250.000,- within hours and—at time of writing—are closed to reach their €2.500.000,- ceiling.

It is unclear now how they intend to be different from the others, other than putting forward "security, and quality" as their core service. They plan to use Fritz!Box, no mention yet about ownership.

More info to be announced on the 11.11

" is a project that seeks to create a shared online of radical, anti-oppressive, and working class movements, and the material traces they have . The platform will aid the dissemination of archived ephemera from these movements, campaigns, and struggles, casting light on histories of from below. We hope that the project will become a vital resource through opening up archives of . It will also offer an occasion to scrutinise digital documents, make connections between materials that conventional cataloguing and metadata systems have often suppressed, and to think of new ways of distributing the archive, or even of creating archives."

TO ACT 2020 | Scenarios for the Post

"The STRP for Creative Technology (ACT)* consists of three prizes for makers who connect and in an authentic and original way. STRP ACT includes one prize of €20,000 euro for the realization of a new work by proven talent and two prizes of €15,000 euro for the realization of new work by young talents. With this ACT Award, STRP supports makers with vision and imagination. As well as this budget, STRP also offers productional guidance for the development, production and presentation of new work during STRP Festival which takes place from 2 to 5 April 2020 in Eindhoven, the ."

This Saturday we will be traveling to the cold War and Greenland, to a secret atomic powerd base on Greenland at


On feminist economics, social payments, corporate crime and the “blokechain”

14 & 15 November 2019
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam


Nice! Does the cart work like a MIDI interface to the Famicom or are you driving the 2 soundchips differently?


bladerunner starts tomorrow, i hope everyone is ready to go full cybre

@Olm_e I've became quite addicted to the TLDR news YouTube channel, they post 5-10min sums-up almost every day about Brexit and the House of Commons. I did not know much about UK political system, and it's super interesting to follow how the current gov and opposition are using bills, amendments and whatnot to try to move forward, or backward (and forward again... maybe).

Tails 'is looking for a design contractor to create illustrations explaining what is Tails and how it works'

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