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"Undying Dusk is a video in a format, with a gameplay based on exploration and logic puzzles, in the tradition of dungeon crawlers."

EARTHRISE, this coming Saturday in , is an audio-based city starting at Roodkapje. There are free time slots available here


This game is this collaboration between MAMA, Roodkapje, Liminal Vision and first year XPUB students (Camilo Garcia, Federico Poni and Louisa Teichmann). They have come together to create a speculative narration on three future communities manifested in various architectural sites around the city.

The narrative is based on the worldbuilding of the film Zhōuwéi Network: Embodied Ambitopias. This week is the last week the game is up and running!

If you missed this week's show, it's still looping!
The Broken Phone + 'between arepas and kartoffelsalat'

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tired: 2021
wired: new m68k AmigaOS 3.2 just released with absurdly long changelog and new features.

landing page is up 🧙‍♀️

programme starts in ~10-15mins
reload if needed/stuck/silent (you know computers, internet, etc)

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"The Act of Untethering: An Audio Adaptation of Ursula K Le Guin's A Word of Unbinding"

Today at 16:00 CEST, , , and students from dare to derive a short piece from Ursula K. Le Guin into a play.

Join us in the darkness...

Broadcast URL to be added to this post close to air time!

Haven't taught in any serious way for 13 years, with the exception of the odd mini crash course once in a while. Every time it takes me an hour or two to get back into it and after that it's all fun again and I don't want to stop :oh_no_bubble:

I should also put all this stuff into abstractions...

I'm in free to attend talk/panel tonight about
💻 :nes_fire: :unwanted_ok:

5-7pm UK time

"Online Panel: Experimental publishing and alternative networked cultures

Convened by Ruth Blacksell and Lozana Rossenova with contributions from Karen Di Franco, Aymeric Mansoux, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak.

The emergence of experimental post-digital publishing over the past decade has opened up new modes and methods of design practice that have allowed for extended relationships between social and media environments. This panel discussion draws on historical as well as contemporary references to examine such approaches through a range of perspectives, spanning the fields of art, graphic design, digital media and software development. The projects and practices discussed in the presentations and subsequent Q&A will consider the shift away from fixed to more fluid forms of publication and acts of publishing that are contingent upon networked, interactive and hybrid (digital/analog) contexts."

What Remains is at the “Sonic game space II” exhibition at Visningsrommet USF, , . 24.04-08.05

"Sonic Game Space aims to shed light on experimental use of play and interaction, and the new ways of playing. Through experimental game mods, they encourage interactive installations & custom made games."

Also with works by Marieke Verbiesen, Martijn Verhallen, Jordan Bartee, Theo Triantafyllidis & David Murray!
If you're around, drop by and check it out! (free event)

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"Votation citoyenne du 22 mars au 13 avril

Ouverte à tous, dès 16 ans

« Êtes-vous favorable à l’inscription dans la constitution française du droit à l’eau et l’assainissement, à protéger l’eau et à interdire son accaparement par les multinationales ? »"

When you wake up the day after the night you invited friends at your place to celebrate your birthday and you start cleaning a bit and see your neighbour outside not looking at you but addressing you sideways "I heard you had quite a party last night, hmm?"

Friday 2 April 2021, are you in or nearby? Feel like checking out a psychogeographical for a bit of change of scenery?

Join new special issue launch "I Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But — A Local Network City Quest"!

FREE ticket + HOWTO

(in partnership with + guidance of @lidia_p)

Nice article from West Den Haag about the special issue 13 released in December (IRL launch currently planned for the spring). This project was developed by first year students, with the guidance of Nienke Scholts, @lidia_p and XPUB staff.

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