When you wake up the day after the night you invited friends at your place to celebrate your birthday and you start cleaning a bit and see your neighbour outside not looking at you but addressing you sideways "I heard you had quite a party last night, hmm?"

Friday 2 April 2021, are you in or nearby? Feel like checking out a psychogeographical for a bit of change of scenery?

Join new special issue launch "I Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But — A Local Network City Quest"!

FREE ticket + HOWTO

(in partnership with page-not-found.nl + guidance of @lidia_p)

Nice article from West Den Haag about the special issue 13 released in December (IRL launch currently planned for the spring). This project was developed by first year students, with the guidance of Nienke Scholts, @lidia_p and XPUB staff.


The I got is fitted with a FuriaEC020 accelerator. Upgrading its firmware is quite tedious. Here is an HOWTO I wrote because I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget all this stuff soon as I'm not doing anything with CPLD/FPGA/etc. Also maybe useful for other Furia owners on Linux.


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>Simulation system provides an entirely new dimension of excitement and realism. Players will find themselves completely absorbed by the dramatic magic of the electronic optical system, special projection movie slide system, digital display and high output speakers.

Page Not Found and the Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB) at PZI/WdKA, are happy to invite you to an online lecture by curator Ellef Prestsæter!

Today 17:00 CET
Free ticket :)


Call for application WdKA PZI XPUB Master 🔥 💻

This is what our first year students do: issue.xpub.nl

This is what our second year students do: project.xpub.nl

This is an open day (06 Feb): pzwart.nl/open-days/

This is where to apply: pzwart.nl/application

This is a website: xpub.nl

"50 Years of

A 2021 Journey from Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon


Every week in 2021, I'll be posting an in-depth look at one text-based computer game from each year between 1971 and 2021, starting next week with The Oregon Trail. For each game, we’ll take a meaty deep dive into what it was like to play in the context of its original release (on a chattering , over a dial-up modem in a prototype web , on a brand-new iPad) and how its ideas influenced players and the next generation of makers. When warranted, we’ll dig into old or source code to tease out how each game worked, why it was built the way it was, and what it did that was new, interesting, or successful."


Where is my custom mechanical keyboard that has every single XF86 multimedia keys?

Special shout-out to:
XF86XK_Finance 0x1008FF3C /* Display financial site */
XF86XK_Community 0x1008FF3D /* Display user's community */
XF86XK_Market 0x1008FF62 /* ?? */
XF86XK_Support 0x1008FF7E /* Get support (??) */
XF86XK_Red 0x1008FFA3 /* Red button */


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