Help us and contribute to a CRAPPY EVERYDAY COMPUTER TECH BINGO!

For a short talk at zinecamp this sunday in Rotterdam/NL, we will be doing a small bingo about all the everyday situations created by inaccessible, incompatible, inefficient, rigid, failing, extractivist, environmentally disastrous crappy computer tech.

We do that to address several topics to a broader audience who may not be familiar with notions of vendor lock-in, proprietary standards, software bloat, cornucopianism, siliconization, planned obsolescence, software rot, maximalism, etc, and *yet* are suffering, like everyone else, from all this stuff on a daily basis.

Do you have ideas for silly situations and painful feels? We will make a final version this coming Saturday as well as credit contributors, and point to the post's URL. Of course we will also post the final bingo board here as well :)

(and on the permacomputing wiki of course


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This has turned into an epic thread!

had to 🥲 quite a few times

Thanks so much everyone! Also got a few extras via other channels.

Basically there is now enough for two bingo cards: one for people having to rely on crappy everyday computer tech but not necessarily aware of specific software/hardware jargon and practices, and one for those who are more familiar with their inner workings.

We can use the first bingo, as planned, as a device to start discussions around non obvious concepts/patterns, and we can use the second one for group therapies :thinknyan:

We will put the two on the wiki and in this thread.

If you have more, do not hesitate to keep adding, we will make more grids or make room for more entries if needed!

So there's enough stuff for 5 thematically sorted bingo boards! :)
Will first work on one related to the topic of productivity, for the Sunday pres at zinecamp, and will go through the others slowly but surely afterwards. Will also update if anyone adds to the thread!

Well the presentation turned out great. We ended up making a selection of the prompts, and used that to play bingo with the audience for the second half of the presentation. As we were going through the game, people from the audience could share how such or such prompt was relatable or an ongoing source of suffering. The winner got freshly baked cookies as reward. We will do that again for sure.

As for the rest of the prompts, there are so many and they are all so good, so I will just make a quick command line bingo board generator and put some of its output on the wiki :)
(with everyone properly credited ofc)

So if you have more ideas, check the top post of this thread for existing entries and feel free to add missing ones!

Photo credit: @automatist !

@320x200 I have an old iPad that i can't use to watch Youtube videos (its main if not only function) because the device is too old for the OS required in order to be able to install the Youtube app. :unacceptable:

@320x200 4k screen showing information that would easily fit into 800×600 pixels in 1996.

@320x200 Webapps regularly "don't recognize me" and force me to reset my password because I regularly delete cookies to evade ubiquitous tracking

@320x200 seemingly endless mobile website to app redirects that eventually land you back where you started.

@320x200 can't get SMS code to pay phone bill because phone service has been cut off 😐️

"How to run your first to-do list app using a kubernetes cluster"

@320x200 QR codes in places where there’s not internet access. (I.e. on the subway)

@320x200 the fact that one-time payments for software are practically inexistant on mobile

@320x200 "Something went wrong" (the most descriptive error message you're likely to get in the 2020s)
"I don't know if it's still loading or if something went wrong" (the second best option)
"I don't know if the app even works or if it's just faking that it works"

@viznut @320x200 "please restart or contact support if this problem persists"

@320x200 In addition to "where are my files?" there's also "what is a file?" (Because file systems are so well hidden nowadays that you may not even learn their basic concepts)

Also related: A multinational corporation's service as the easiest way of copying a file between two nearby devices

@320x200 "This update will take 27 hours. Please do not turn off your computer."

@320x200 $100+ dongle required to add HDMI/Ethernet/USB ports!

@320x200 Thinking of workplace issues:
* unpredictable behaviour of single-sign ons, especially when you work/study at more than one place. And using 3 browsers because of that.
* learning management systems that aren't built to withstand the high load that comes with semester deadlines
* Using videoconferencing software to project on the big screen in the same room because the display cable just won't work.

@320x200 I couldn't unlock my car with the app, but the phone charger was in the car.

@320x200 This isn't yet everyday for most of us, but: "I lost my eyesight because my bionic eye is no longer supported"…

@320x200 and then I open linktree in instagram and then I click another instagram link but then I am not logged in. Are you saying all these apps are also browsers?

@320x200 glued batteries
subscription exercise bicycle
colors as a service
latest update broke retro-compatibility
quietly minting monero behind your back

@320x200 DRM authentication server is offline
smart thermostat burns down the house
must whitelist third party javascript to display a jpg
minimalist electron applications
the CEO is suddenly really into crypto, and so should you

@neauoire @320x200
Unsupported bionic implants
Alarm clock depends on wifi
Firmware update bricks appliance
NDA'ed datasheets
"Trusted" computing

“username contains invalid characters”

“please verify your device” in inbox several times a day

@320x200 Multifactor authentication. Appears without fail whenever phone is flat/not with me.

Inability to move authenticator app to a new phone without talking to IT department.

@320x200 take photos and never watch them: that's me, and this is why I don't take photos when I need to take a note, but rather go with pen and paper
@320x200 you need a login and/or an internet connection for almost everything

@320x200 being forced to accept cookies on virtually any site you go on (apart from the fediverse, and people with smol/minimal sites), where even if you "reject" those cookies, you're still going to get tracked

@320x200 Forced software updates, always at the moment when you least have time

building and spinning up a throw-away vm on every git commit

@320x200 1 - Pointless account required (e.g.I needed to make an account to get my dashcam to start filming, I don't think I will ever need to touch it again; or when setting up windows)
2 - Ads on paid products (e.g. on TVs)

@320x200 I want this now!; my boss said this was Ok!; I forgot my password.;

@320x200 accidentally creating a new account because you falsely remember which email you signed up with, and the app does not use passwords but one time passwords sent via mail. so then, you have to open your mail to log in. after logging in, you wonder why all the content is gone. now you have two accounts! cool! follow this up by trying to find the delete account function

@320x200 i guess this is what happens when you make login and registration as “frictionless” as possible… it gets kind of slippery. sometimes friction is good, necessary.

@320x200 Instead of proper documentation, you have a bunch of Youtube videos and a barebones wiki

parts glued down
proprietary battery hard or impossible to replace
body of machine made of cheap plastic
screen on new “device” requires immediately placing protective cover sheet on purchase
system “upgrades” required and install new slower versions of previously working applications
old applications forced to stop working

@320x200 you can only use a software if you are online

@320x200 mobile websites that hikack your back button to serve more ads

@320x200 "Software update required. Unable to start car"

@320x200 "software update required. Unable to start tooth brush"

@320x200 "software update required. Unable to start fridge"

@320x200 You load a webpage on your phone. The top half is a banner ad. The bottom half is the GDPR notice modal. You've forgotten why you opened that page in the first place.

allow cookies,
allow this website to send notifications,
allow website to know your location.

it was great :) thanks for the invite! Can you also share your permacomputing zine generator, would be great to have that on the wiki as well

@neauoire @automatist here you go! That's the one we used, as a small proof of concept selection from all the thread contributions.

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