This saturday I'm at v2_ in Rotterdam with the @floppytotaal team to erase/format/checkdisk/write/eject (with moderation) a discussion around the launch of their publication "Floppy Disk Fever".

Do you have a copy yet? 💾🧲

Full program listing of the two days event: (click on Floppy Disk Fever - 16 & 17.09.22)

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Was a great evening! I had the pleasure to ask questions to @walskaar @lidia_p @fcr and Niek. We talked about the purpose and process behind the publication, the post-digital ambivalence of engaging with so-called retro and low-tech media/tech/practices that are in fact inextricable from contemporary tech/networks, the question of resistance and escapism in such practices, the creative potential of technological constraints and only working with what you have access to, and we started to sketch a discussion around nostalgia and its problematic ties with notions of traditions, imagined communities, nationalism, etc. It was way too short but really demonstrated the value of all the interviews that @floppytotaal arranged in this book.

If you're into stuff or the (or just have a sweet spot for ) this is a really valuable resource.

Attached a few photos from the evening taken by @fcr with his... Floppy based Sony Mavica FD95

@320x200 @floppytotaal

"The book reflects on notions of obsolescence"

It made me laugh that it demonstrates the topic by building a website entirely relying on modern Javascript browsers to display any of its content.


@rra @320x200 @floppytotaal sorry, I was just annoyed. I'm annoyed because it's too typical in this space to encounter cases where an idea ends at its aesthetics, and is not put into practice.

@neauoire @rra @320x200 @floppytotaal our project has never stated anywhere that we are a project or have ever called ourselves a project.

It's a printed book project about contemporary floppy disk culture that got a website to give people a place to find information about the book and our project and events.

is an interesting topic, but maybe for another day-

@walskaar @rra @320x200 @floppytotaal understood, I was being needlessly hard on your case, the book looks absolutely lovely. I love floppies and I love books, I was just bitter that I couldn't see the website's information.

@neauoire @rra @320x200 @floppytotaal and yes definitely many things that can be improved with the website.. Its not the best and got alot of gaffa tape sticking out the back.. Most of our energy and time have gone towards the book the past 2 years.

@neauoire @rra @320x200 @floppytotaal all good :) If any of interview names sounds interesting beyond Tom Pearsky, I am happy to forward a extra interview via the email . I got your email..

So we have the riddle for the #permacomputing quizz: A mighty captain cannot get his Java ship to the Floppy port.

Netscape navigator was dominant browser in the 1990's criticized for bending internet standards to its own advantage. Version 2.0 introduced Javascript support, the download size of the 16bit version was 2.4MB, so it did not fit into one floppy disc.
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