Gonna try

quite curious to see how a dedicated org-mode viewer/parser/editor/manager can work outside of emacs.

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@320x200 started to use this as well (although I do NOT partake in org-mode shenanigans), let me know how you go!

@air_pump will let you know. I used org-mode a lot at some point when it was out and before it became built-in emacs. I liked it but never got into the calendar thing. The outlining/tagging/commenting system was quite cool tho, all with the weird/esoteric wiki feels. I also started to write my PhD in org-mode, was handy to embed chunks of LaTeX, but it did not scale well, also I was not using emacs anymore so the incentive to work in it was not great. I've been happy using paper notebooks and acme+jabref for the past ~7 years but am a bit reaching the limit now when it comes to retrieve/query things/notes. Somehow putting a lot of hope on atomic content + tagging...

@320x200 yea the wiki-graph hype makes my diagrammatic feels tingle :unwanted_happy: I wish I had this kind of thing during the PhD. I used Foam in VSCode for a while, but logseq seems to have better features when it comes to backlinking/embedding.

@320x200 TBH I'm kinda fascinated by the "Roam-Bro" mindset as well. Been keeping a catalog of the brain-claims made my note apps

and saw this this morning as well which is kinda true :unwanted_grimmace:

@air_pump yes that's the thing I'm a bit concerned about. As in, am I falling into the meme... or just procrastinating again with some software :)
There's definitively a lot of self-referential post-GTD auto-documentation going on in all these projects. Similarly, another rabbit hole are all the guru videos around notion :)

@320x200 on the other hand, I have had to re-read whole chapters and re-take notes that I definitely knew I had already done somewhere before. So the promise of a graph to put reading notes and ideas and easily reference parts of them is still stronger than the meta-org trap for me... That's why I was glad to read you are on board as well :) we can keep each other in check :unwanted_thinking: :unwanted_smirk:

@air_pump k, so let me try it for a couple weeks then we can have a pro-tip exchange session :)

@air_pump I'm already struggling with something: one graph to rule them all or one graph per project/activity/occupation/whatever. I would welcome the separation between some of these, but can also see the missed opportunity or duplicate work given that these things are overlapping sometimes... Gut feeling tells me to separate, essentially doing the same as what I had before (different notebooks for different context/things)...

@320x200 yea that's a question. For me it's mainly reading notes to be used in project notes so it makes sense to have one graph. read/reference once and use in multiple places (and supposedly uncover hidden connections and overlaps through my eXTeRnaL BraiNZ GraPh). If I reference something multiple times I want to have that record, and a new reading of smtg should contribute "upstream" to that reference's page

@air_pump I see. I think I will try starting with two graphs to have at least some separation between work/job related activities and notes I take when messing around with other stuff.

@air_pump @320x200 i never ended up using logseq tho i have some friends who use it for quick capture or tried it for the long term wiki and fell off of it. i think it interested me because it allows you to share the graph afterward, and a year ago there werent as many apps around that

The first time I'd seen one publicly made was here:

some more roam-like tools can be found here

@pixouls Thanks for the links! I'm just starting with all this, and see if it really makes a huge diff with the more ad-hoc bricolage of things I've been using so far. I picked logseq because of the existing familiarity with org-mode (although I realise now that it is a much simpler version of it), and the fact it was AGPL with an opencollective account to support the development. I do have to say though, that, it's a bit disappointing that it's yet another electron app... Let's see how far I go... :)


@rra @320x200 why go for an electron app when there are zimpler solutions :unwanted_thinking:

@l03s @rra you two get off my thread! you zim shills!

*takes pepperspray out*

@air_pump @pixouls

@air_pump @320x200 @l03s @rra u kno what else is one letter away

:hacker_s: :hacker_i: :hacker_n:

/j i don't know what xin yin zim is

@air_pump @320x200 @l03s @rra @pixouls vimwiki is as great for vim users as orgmode for emacs users, I would say. I'm one of the former, but still used emacs+org occasionaly before I found vimwiki. What it does not have: backlinking and a graph view.
+1 to the number of vimwiki shills in this thread.

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