I'm wondering if the GPU shortage is going to create an incentive to rethink graphics hardware and software (and... glob forbid.. optimize things). For instance it feels like projects like AMD FSR or to some extent Nvidia DLSS, are pointing towards new directions that deviate from the usual moar-core-is-moar-is-good approach that's been dominating until now.

Thoughts or insights?

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@320x200 This could make sense if GPU makers could charge for driver updates that would result in better performance.

@despens wouldnt this approach result in the usual DRM/cracking escalation?

@320x200 Yes you're right, not very desirable. Probably you were thinking about optimizations contributed by external community. Is this feasible to do for outsiders at all? I was kind of assuming it is not, so was fanasizing how GPU vendors could be incentivized to optimize their software...

@despens I agree with you on the community contribution, I'm not sure this is realistic on short-mid term, if at all. There needs to be an economic model attached to this to compensate for lack of earnings on hardware and scaling down the production in general. I'm just sceptical that restricting access to the software would help. Or there would need to be some critical mass of dedicated customers willing-fully buying drivers to support the effort and compensate for those copying/cracking it in case there is an attempt to protect it. A patronage model could be also interesting. Either way this would imply massive scaling down of this industry, but would make complete sense in a context of degrowth and computation in a post-extractivist world.

@320x200 Yes, everyone hates software subscriptions (because they come from actors like Oracle, Adobe or Microsoft), but unconditional support for maintenance should probably be the goal.

(My field of work is preservation, which is similarly affected by project-based funding giving you a shiny thing that will need to be replaced in 2 years. Breaking out of that cycle is very hard.)

@320x200 Well thing is: outputing graphics is a massively parallel task, you need to churn out millions of pixels one way or another. Deep learning upscaling is fun, but it's not instant, and you still need to run inference one way or another.

Also, I don't see the industry giving up on programmable pipelines.

That said, between Moore's law bitting the dust, and chip shortages, I feel like we need to look for solution on the software side of things.

Also cryptocurrency bans? (one can dream)
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