Anyone knows a simple for visual generic diagramming? By that I mean drag'n'drop stuff, not a DOT language or similar. I'd like to move things around myself in the while having persistent connections between nodes.

It's to quickly draft a small studio wiring setup with a patchbay, making inventory of cables missing/etc.

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@rra that's what @cmos4040 was also recommending me to look at. Looks like I can just apt install it as well, always a plus.

@320x200 @rra @cmos4040 print modular grid and use pen and paper , or open in inkscape?

@exquisitecorp It's not for a modular per se, but a mixer patchbay and bunch of stuff. But yeah I'm about to use pen and paper if I can't really find something :) Inkscape misses some functionality to make it comfy (getting there though Surprisingly the closest most complete solution I found so far for arbitrary connections is Libreoffice Draw :)

@rra @cmos4040

@exquisitecorp @rra @cmos4040 I'm actually considering doing it in Pd... I can just set arbitrary inlet/outlets on sub patches... will just look a bit messy without fancy algo to make the wiring tidy but... could work? :thinknyan:

@rra @cmos4040 @320x200 @exquisitecorp would totally use this if it were a thing. I wasn't really clear from your post about what forms of schematics you wanted, but if you're ok with something like that Inkscape repo, then for school we use logisim, multisim, and simulink. Logisim is the only foss one I think, the fork is here

More could be found here

@pixouls @rra @exquisitecorp Oh thanks for that! I was looking for something something much much more simple, like "put some boxes, add connectors, connect" kind of thing. The idea is to get an idea of how to plug a bunch of synths together with a mixer and a patchbay. But I'm going to bookmark your links though because I was also looking into these a while ago with @cmos4040 for actual circuit design :)


For very simple drag'n'drop diagramming I use Inkscape, it works smoothly.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Thanks for the input! I used inkscape as well for diagrams that needed to be more designed somehow. For what I need now, inkscape is not really adapted (mostly a connecting points issue). However, your post made me look into it again and I saw that there is some work in progress being done to make it a full diagramming/flowcharting environment. See

I was advised to check dia, will do that now :)

@320x200 would a mind-mapping program work? i use freemind a bit, but structurally it might be too rigid.

@gamemakingtools thanks, I was thinking about this too, but indeed I'd need something more flexible that does not make any assumption on the kind of structure needed. Surprisingly it's not so obvious to find...

@320x200 yeah :( i'd find this useful for all sorts of things. i had a big internet hunt when i was feeling limited by mindmap stuff, but no success.

@gamemakingtools check the other replies, 2 web applications were mentioned and I found them quite fitting for my use case, maybe they could be useful for you too?

@320x200 ? It is awesome and integrates with a lot of stuff. And - as asked for - easy to use.

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