Finally finished fixing, recapping and calibrating this old BOSS DM-100 analogue delay/chorus from 1980. It sounds very noice.

While fixing it I saw the PCB had the Roland logo on it, and looking a bit further, it seems like Roland was basically making all the BBD delays for BOSS, Maxon, and probably more. Actually, comparing the panel and PCBs, it seems that the BOSS DM-100 is a revision update of the 1978 Roland Analog Echo DC-20.

Anyway, I think this one has lots of potential for modding. I'm thinking of learning more about CV in, and that would be a great addition. This delay also has an analogue filter linked to the delay length, it's all hardwired but would be great to have the possibility to control the filter as well.

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@320x200 IIRC, Boss was/is a sub-brand of Roland. Hence Boss drum machines using the same PCM samples as Roland units, for example

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