Online talk by @rra and myself tomorrow 30.06, 6PMUK (7PMCEST), hosted by The Photographers Gallery, Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, and Fotomuseum Winterthur.

We'll talk about, and


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@rra @320x200 will this be on the screenwalks twitch? Can I watch with out signing up?

@320x200 @rra love hearing yalls presentations! that purple and white is getting iconic

@320x200 @rra rearranging the chairs: is this a Titanic reference? :unwanted_moonface:

@neauoire @entreprecariat @320x200 @rra replacing all the chairs with styrofoam balls stuck together with toothpicks

@320x200 @rra the talk was super nice (was following the "anonymous" twitch stream) ... really enjoyed the desktop notifications... the screeniest of screenwalks I've seen so far (in a good way ;)

@automatist @rra thanks! yes, I thought should I disabled them, but then, no, thought it was a nice/relevant overlay :)

@320x200 @rra absolutely it made a subtle and important point about federation I thought (not being directly subscribed on lurk)

@320x200 @rra I shall watch, lurk sounds interesting - we've been releasing under CC for ages and I'm very interested in decentralisation and commons media!

@320x200 @rra Thanks, I just watched it - thanks for the lovely breakdown of the various projects! Pretty cool that some of the stuff is run from Goldsmiths; I'm just down the road!

@320x200 @rra I'm assuming there's no recording, right? This sounds amazing but it was the wrong timezone for me :(

@320x200 @rra Excellent, super-clear, didactic presentention it was too.

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