"Undying Dusk is a video in a format, with a gameplay based on exploration and logic puzzles, in the tradition of dungeon crawlers."

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@praxeology It's pretty cool, yes. Also great that the whole tooling was released as well. Super inspiring.

@320x200 So wicked! Canes all PDF viewers I currently have installed though :D

@despens @320x200 My current favorite MuPDF seems to do ok with it. (and I will admit some schadenfreude, but not surprise, to see that it blows up Acrobat)

@praxeology @320x200 How do I go one page back in MuPDF? Or in general navigate in between pages?

@despens @320x200 Up and down arrows or page-up, page-down keys for normal paging. If you click a link, use "t" to go back.

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