Someone has forked , the development/maintenance of which had been increasingly slow in the past years. A lot of cleaning has been done (it builds clean on now, no need to mess around with node/npm any more), and it seems very active right now. Definitively worth checking if you're into running your own .

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@320x200 I tried it a while back, but found the install to be super heavy. 100s of MB for a frontend was too much for my taste. What's it like now?

@frox the same, a full install will be 500+ MB, and I think that's the price to pay for a node app that needs so many modules :/ In terms of other resources, it is however surprisingly lightweight, the new version runs happily/snappy on an old low end atom CPU, and when it's idling, it's really idling. As for the memory footprint is also very low. Overall, I think it's really good, specially if you share it with friends who may not feel comfortable using rtorrent directly.

@frox on the other hand if you're looking for another way to interface with rtorrent, there's this rtorrent-ps distribution that's been around for a little while, never had the chance to try it, but it looks like a nice improvement over the base TUI of rtorrent

@320x200 maybe I should try out rtorrent-ps. I've been using #rutorrent since a while now. #rss is a must have for helping seed various distros. I also like being able to see graphs of individual torrent upload over time.

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