Anyone is using as some interface/environment for a personal or taking system that's more than just browsing/searching through a collection of files? (this is what I'm doing right now)

I'm currently looking for some inspiration/ideas/possibilities for keep using acme also for such usage, for some light -like usage, or something.

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@320x200 I do! I keep my wiki in markdown format and use a script for inserting links:
then following links is just a case of selecting inside the parens of the markdown link and right-clicking.
I have also heard of wikifs which is probably an even better option, but I wanted to remain compatible with my years of old stuff using vimwiki.

Oh I see... I like this idea of creating the link + the missing file in one go! Can I ask.. Isn't it too annoying visually to have the link in a markdown format though? It could be less intrusive to pick an unused markup/delimiter and have the matching file name unchanged, that is to say with no file extension, if you know what I mean? But then you loose the advantage of using markdown in the first place... Do you use such format because you also browse your wiki in a rendered form? Other option could be that if one uses such extra markup/delimiter, it could then get properly replaced by markdown links whenever the wiki needs to be exported?

@320x200 I only use markdown because I'm editing and using an old wiki that was in markdown format before I moved to acme. I'd probably use something else if I was starting from scratch with acme.

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