Finally 5min free to thank @siusoon her students, and colleagues (Magda, Søren, and Christian Ulrik) for the recent nice discussion and exchange at Aarhus uni. ! Looking forward to meet/chat again about all this mess :)

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@320x200 @siusoon did you name this 'journey to the center of the earth' because of a talk with Rolf during the great computer haul. 🤔

@cmos4040 hahaha no :) but yeah I can see the link. It just came up while preparing the videos to show for the workshop, opening with one from Paul Garrin talking about a.o. the centre of Internet + the workshop/talk theme of overall vertical descent into website/platform hosting in and out of the operating system + me (for completely different reason) trying to convince one of my kids to read together Jules Verne's book the very same week :)

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