Yesterday was only my second day back on campus in over seven months. Like the first time a few weeks ago, I stood in front of my book shelf, admiring my books that I've been separated from for so long. 📚 💗

Looking for one to read on the train trip home, I took two off the shelf: The Mass Psychology of Fascism, and Escape from Freedom. I took the latter, since it felt like the more optimistic choice.

@jboy Fromm's book was a great inspiration for me when I was trying to make sense of a framework/model to describe participation and systems of belief within FLOSS communities, also in relation to forking, migration, exile, etc. I think the core idea(s) behind the book are still very relevant today, even if it would obviously need some re-contextualisation in relation to social media overload, software mediation of everything, etc. (I have a vague memory that the last part did not age super well though, I recall some cliché stuff about art and creativity).

@320x200 cool! I mean sure, the book is dated in parts, but I also can't help feeling that contemporary social science is reinventing a bunch of the concepts freudo-marxists were using back then. Instead of character we now say habitus, instead of libido we say emotional energy... all just because psychodynamic theories fell out of fashion.

@320x200 I keep thinking about how much richer your concept of software freedom must be than the average FLOSS joe's. Have you ever written anything about this?


@jboy I'm not sure it's richer, but it's definitively been a pet peeve of mine for a while :) I'm a mess at keeping track of things I write/do but my PhD thesis is basically the synthesis of all the writing I've done on the topic so far.

There's a potential publisher waiting for a book proposal for year now... I'm procrastinating super hard on this one :(

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