↪️ 👀 🐷 Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police

I was a bit disappointed by Paolo Cirio's recent attempt, whose sole purpose seemed to get shut down. (was enraged at the shut down itself too obvs. esp. FR interior minister censoring an art exhibit). Good to learn of other similar projects out there.



@air_pump 90s tactical media practices has quickly became for some a cheap media art production formula in the last 15 years to just make a temp big splash in mainstream media that serves nothing but the advancement of one's own career in a part of the field of art and culture production that confuses activation/activism/engagement/politics with opportunistic appropriation of societal issues.

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@320x200 yea it's a tricky line IMO demanding that art projects be *functional*, say like a piece of activist software, is a slippery slope. but I'm with you in this case.

@air_pump @320x200 art is always "functional" in a cultural sense, and aesthetics can be action... I agree that too often, especially with computation/tech art there is a reliance on culture-hacking style interventions rather than poetic/aesthetic function with cultural impact.

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