Step 1 of modding my #GBS8200 is done: firmware and basic hardware mods. Next is new clock generator, then design add-on PCB with a sync stripper and optional TTL sync inverter, plus SCART and DB9 inputs. #retrogaming #modding

Oh! Can I ask you what kind of firmware and hardware mods you did? I almost got one few years ago but was a bit hesitant then...

@320x200 the firmware is gbs-control, you can find all the mods and instructions in the wiki of the project!
There is a great improvement in video quality/stability with this


@hkz wow, this is really nice, great to learn this device can be turned into a low-cost quality alternative to the OSSC/Framemeister/etc. Thanks!
BTW: maybe relevant/interesting, we're a small group of noobs interested in related topics trying to bootstrap a small online community feel free to drop by :)

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