@rra @320x200 "Searching posts by their content is not enabled on this Mastodon server." did you deactivate this function for a reason?

@entreprecariat @320x200 it is not enabled by default. Enabling it requires elasticsearch which is a bit too heavy for our current infra

@rra @320x200 yeah, I guessed so… then I'm glad I can easily retrieve content from my mastodontic thread :)


@entreprecariat @rra It's a real shame though, but requirements are simply not reasonable for most instances.


I'm not familiar enough with this software, but it seems that it's essentially designed for very very very large amounts of data and fast/instant real-time search. Small instances running on modest servers do not fit in this picture sadly, feels like it's a rather painful blind spot of the project.

At a quick glance, the only relevant issue I found was this


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@320x200 @entreprecariat @rra Is this any better or different on other fedi systems like pleroma?

Even on instances where it works I find it not very usable. I'd like to be able to search in certain contexts like my own posts or by a certain user or posts I have seen or faved but these constraints do not seem to exist.

@praxeology @entreprecariat @rra no idea if/how does that. But I think/recall that was planning to drop elasticsearch?

@320x200 Mentioned in a different thread that the android client Fedilab has a function to index and search your own toots btw @praxeology @entreprecariat

@praxeology @320x200 @entreprecariat @rra

On the instances where search is active, the constraints are that one can only search there own posts (to prevent abuse).

From the documentation: "Mastodon’s full-text search allows logged in users to find results from their own toots, their favourites, and their mentions."


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