>1. octamed
>2. into mcv24
>3. into stuff
>4. ????
>5. PROFIT!!!

Current roadmap


further into the rabbit hole, started to document findings about SoundStudio. Sadly a lot of stuff has just completely disappeared. Search engines are useless, and the wayback machine can only help with a very very few sites (also assuming that you have a URL to start with). Right now the leftover knowledge seems to be scattered across the archives of past discussions on a few web forums.


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step 3 is starting to get fun. Had to compile the dev version of fs-uae to get stable support in the emulation.

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@320x200 Have you contacted Amiga aficionado's? I'm thinking of goto80.com/music From the Netherlands and say hello from me, via his work website Julian van Aalderen (mostly VJ, but knows a lot about music 8bit & Amiga stuff) hetvideogilde.nl/over-ons/

He is one of these peeps: bek.no/en/ceephax-the-c-men-gw

@320x200 I got some more precise tips from my in-house specialist Lo-bat.
THE for (software tab): musicline.org/
Communities of interest: micromusic.net/

Have fun!

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