>1. octamed
>2. into mcv24
>3. into stuff
>4. ????
>5. PROFIT!!!

Current roadmap

further into the rabbit hole, started to document findings about SoundStudio. Sadly a lot of stuff has just completely disappeared. Search engines are useless, and the wayback machine can only help with a very very few sites (also assuming that you have a URL to start with). Right now the leftover knowledge seems to be scattered across the archives of past discussions on a few web forums.

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step 3 is starting to get fun. Had to compile the dev version of fs-uae to get stable support in the emulation.

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@320x200 Where are the cables??

(The perfect moment to slip in an intermezzo - Kabelfreaks - Bodenstandig 2000 )

@320x200 Love how this photo pink shade falls in line with the moddingfriday gradient background.

Did you recently buy this device? and if so, when are you going to write the FORTH midi sequencer?

@cmos4040 yes :) there's been a slight change of plan with the FORTH midi sequencer idea... Doing a little detour in tracker country now... With maybe views on stuff like (pro tip from @mathr)

@320x200 I like the idea of a single point (octamed) into a midi-cv unit and then controlling all sorts of DIY drums and pads.

So what currently is at point 3? just before the PROFIT?

@cmos4040 I'm too afraid to step into 4. just yet.
Currently still fighting my way out of 1. 2. and 3. :trebuchet:

@320x200 Yeah but what is at step3? the Dark Energy and that MFB drumsynth? Did you secretly build a 808 kick clone?

@cmos4040 step 3. is still super conservative, so yeah, pretty much what's already lying around, TX7, Shlagzwerg, Dark Energy. Step 4. needs some sort of software/hardware portal to step into other realm. Step 4. may also mean moving away from Amiga emu and getting an A1200. All this will need work and time. Right now I try to have at least a decent PoC with Octamed (via emu) + configuring the MCV24 to plug the things here, which in itself is already a bit of work. Just to test the whole idea. I also need a time travel machine to meet my 20yo self and prevent him to sell my fully upgraded S2000.

@320x200 Have you contacted Amiga aficionado's? I'm thinking of From the Netherlands and say hello from me, via his work website Julian van Aalderen (mostly VJ, but knows a lot about music 8bit & Amiga stuff)

He is one of these peeps:

@320x200 I got some more precise tips from my in-house specialist Lo-bat.
THE for (software tab):
Communities of interest:

Have fun!

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