What's a good that has *out* support (including sysex if possible) that's closed source or not, that can run on Linux/BSD or on an Atari or Amiga, and that is not or ?

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(mentioning or simply because I already know about these two, curious if there is anything else that could fit the job)

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@praxeology thanks! I came across this one while searching, but it really looks more like a vertical DAW indeed :) I'm really looking for a classic tracker interface with solid MIDI out support. Maybe there are none besides the two mentioned before?

Not exactly fitting your question but an interesting tracker nonetheless...

@joak @suroh did not know these two, thanks! I also found a soft called miditracker on Amiga, and Synergy MIDI Tracker for Win/macos/Linux, and an upcoming hardware Tracker device from Polyend (that has some partial MIDI support). I ended using OctaMed Studio in an Amiga emu (considering getting an A1200 if I still keep on having fun with it and there are no unforeseen issues). Funnily enough it seems that even today that's the most simple, yet complete tracker *with* extensive MIDI out support...

@320x200 ah yeah the polyend tracker looks nice too. Otherwise there is always the can of worms that is modular and the nerdSeq...

@suroh yeah not super keen to go anywhere close to bankuptcy :) ...also the nerdseq feels a bit meh TBH... the polyend one looks pretty nice, true, but MIDI support is super minimal/limited. OctaMed it is :)

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