"The House Intelligence Committee held its first open hearing of the inquiry against President . Lawmakers heard testimony from William Taylor, Acting U.S. Ambassador to and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent."

starts now

Day 2 started 🍿

"Impeachment Hearing with Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

On the second day of open testimony in the impeachment inquiry, the House Intelligence Committee heard from former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch."

@320x200 what is "transmitting a cable" ?? .... they seems to also comunicate by watsapp ... Oo ...

@Olm_e yeah whatsapp and also regular text messages, which is a bit surprising...

@Olm_e @320x200 I believe it refers to the encrypted diplomatic electronic messaging system. But it seems trump's cronies think security is for sissies:

@KnowPresent @320x200 actually, they do it by tweet all the times so yes, they don't care, they are too powerfull ..... /O~o\

@KnowPresent @320x200 "tweet praising the president" .... they said her as an advice to help out of the smear campaign ...

15/11 is also the date of the 4rth season of "the man in the high castle" serie ....

someone shoult work on a tuning fork to get out of this timezone, it's getting scary .... like when clowns get teeth :/

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