New in the called Plan B is being currently crowdinvested (?). They aim at adding another voice to the currently very limited Dutch landscape. They have reached their minimal goal of €1.250.000,- within hours and—at time of writing—are closed to reach their €2.500.000,- ceiling.

It is unclear now how they intend to be different from the others, other than putting forward "security, and quality" as their core service. They plan to use Fritz!Box, no mention yet about ownership.

More info to be announced on the 11.11

@320x200 one thing to add is that they are partly ex-XS4ALL employees which itself is in the process of being fully subsumed by the parent company KPN.

@rra yes, they're coming from XS4ALL and looking at some responses to Plan B they seem to have attracted people nostalgic of the early days of the ISP (which are quite fantastic indeed). But XS4ALL in the recent years was pretty much like every other ISP, just with better default modem/AP/router (for sure), better service (I don't know), but at a premium price. So am not sure where Plan B will be going.

@320x200 fixed IP, good uptime, mail address, shell access etc. It is unclear what plan B will do but premium price is likely one of the things they'll go for!

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