Technical Breakdown of a new NES game written in Lisp

"What Remains is a narrative adventure game for the 8-bit NES video game console, and was released in March 2019 as a free ROM, playable in emulator. It was created by a small team, Iodine Dynamics, over the course of two years of on and off development.[...] Herein is a technical breakdown of some of the pieces that make up our game’s engine, in the hopes that others find it useful or at least interesting to read about."



> This is reminding me of the development story of the 8-bit game "Ballblazer" from Lucasfilm Games. It was written in a Lisp-like assembly language.

The successes and struggles of Naughty Dog writing games and game development tools and generators in various home-grown LISPs fascinate me. Here's a starting point:…


@clacke thanks for sharing that! Super interesting :)
(both the disapora thread and the WikiWikiWeb discussion)

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