Mmm. This whole AI painting at Christie's is quickly escalating into IP discussions as the AI/ML artists used data and code from another AI/ML artist.

@entreprecariat Sure, but the whole thing is interesting because nobody seems to understand source code licensing in this story. Robbie used a permissive license, and only realises the consequences now. Obvious makes a dubious pseudo request for a commercial license of the code, even though it's completely not needed because it's BSD (but kind of show what Obvious were up to given the complete lack of transparency). Robbie turns the BSD license into a BSD based exception license but this is not retroactive, it will only apply to any code produced starting with the license change.

@entreprecariat BTW: minor correction: whether or not a permissive license was used is not relevant. More that it was a license that did not prevent commercial exploitation, so using the GPL instead of BSD would have been the same.

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