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Hello, I'm 1frn0 (pronounced inferno in my head).
I'm a dev, thriving when bringing material efficiency and elegance in what I do.
An enthusiast about FOSS, the UNIX philosophy, nature and spending too much time being an information sponge.
Not used (at all) to be part of any online community, I'm excited to be now part of the fediverse!

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I've used this reflection metaphor before and I think it's spot on. So-called "Artificial Iintelligence" is the result of collective (often unpaid) labor. It's a machine built by many people. The tendency to think of it as some sentient being is pure ideology

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chatcontrol, eupol 

#fediverse, we really need to talk about #chatcontrol, the EU's next mass surveillance system. Long Thread below, with hints to skip over parts of if it's too long for you. Sources are in [brackets] & linked at the end. I tried to simplify a bit to keep the thread accessible for people without deep technical knowledge. I've packed a LOT of content into this thread - if you have trouble undestanding, it's probably my fault. Ask and I'll clarify! Please boost for awareness.

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@thegibson I also think this is the most important part of the article:

Timnit Gebru, a prominent AI ethicist Google fired in 2020 (though the search giant claims she resigned), said the discussion over AI sentience risks “derailing” more important ethical conversations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence. “Instead of discussing the harms of these companies, the sexism, racism, AI colonialism, centralization of power, white man’s burden (building the good “AGI” [artificial general intelligence] to save us while what they do is exploit), spent the whole weekend discussing sentience,” she tweeted. “Derailing mission accomplished.”

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Wrote a haiku today.

Summer heat flickers
Flowers bloom in asphalt cracks
Beautiful decay.

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Summarized my observations of a user interface design trend producing buttons that have users do work to reconfigure themselves instead of buttons triggering actions to reconfigure the system:

"Button Pushes You"

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I've started looking for a printer and went down a PostScript-related rabbit hole. This is my first time with a Forth-like language and oh, it's fun!

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Modding Fridays is an online community of people interested to learn together about the maintenance, repurposing, and reappropriation of supposedly obsolete consumer electronics, for fun and profit. We see our interest as part of a broader conversation on post-digital culture, #permacomputing and repair culture.

description of a spider's errands 

Just witnessed one of the house spiders (segestria florentina maybe?) get out of its den in the bathroom, walk carefully to water on the floor and drink it. It had its small abdomen up, tilting itself and setting its legs in such a manner you could really tell it was drinking! It washed and switfly crawled back to safety!

This is the only spider in the flat that is not pholcus and occupies the same spot all the time (at least, that I know of). It goes out at night mostly and respects boundaries (yes).

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#Google does not fund research groups if they'd work on software licensed under #AGPL.

Use the AGPL to incentivize people not to get funded by Google.

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Some strange reversals have happened in interface design in the last few years. For instance, many of the buttons displayed on screen don't change the state of an application, but change the state of the user. Typical examples are of such buttons are labeled with "get started", "explore", or "see more", "launch experience", etc... These are basically links to other parts of an application and do not activate or change anything significant in the computer or for other users. They're more about making the user repeat a mantra, or change their attitude before they can access the next piece of information. Always reminds me of Mouchette's "Kill That Cat"

Oh Bandcamp Friday isn't just any Friday. Well, it all still stands!

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for my fellow vegans and hxc enjoyers!

To Suffer goes from a sobering intro to a revolted second half. The full EP, called Rage of Deliverance, is available on streaming services!

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How does one deal with a (the) manager that insist your team sits in a specific spot (open landscape battery cages), and throws a tantrum when the entire team books a project room (regularly, like every obligatory office day) to work together unhindered, but plays out that tantrum towards the scrummaster and expects her to convince the team to return to the cages?

For context, my scrummaster is also a close friend and I was the one booking the project room. She now feels she's between hammer and anvil. Manager has not said anything to me in person.. officially I don't even know he threw a tantrum.

Any advice/boosts welcome \m/

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Hé les 🇧🇪 et particulièrement les 🐓 (wallons) de :mastodon: : une proposition de loi d'origine citoyenne est soumis à signature, qui vise à mettre en place des critères clairs et permanent de régularisation des sans-papiers.

C'est le minimum d'humanité qu'on doit accorder à ceux qui vivent à nos côtés, mais sans droits. Non?

Ça se passe là:

Et on peut trouver plus d'info sur

Merci de re-pouetter si vous avez des Belges parmi vos contacts.

If you like cartoons, do yourself a favour and watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not sure how popular it is here, but it's a healthy mix of wholesome, cute and exciting!

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Hi ! I'm @Lime and I made this account to post jungle/dnb/hardcore tracks made on Amiga to share my love for these genres and this platform !

Starting off with 'Too Fast' by Celsius ⚡⚡⚡⚡

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